Sodium cyclamate

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Sodium cyclamate
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Sodium cyclamate formula graphical representation
Assugrin; Assurgrin feinsuss; Assurgrin vollsuss; Asugryn; Ciclamato sodico; Ciclamato sodico [DCIT]; Cyclamate de sodium; Cyclamate de sodium [INN-French]; Cyclamate sodium; Cyclamate, sodium salt; Cyclamic acid sodium salt; Cyclohexanesulfamic acid, monosodium salt; Cyclohexanesulfamic acid, sodium salt; Cyclohexanesulphamic acid, monosodium salt; Cyclohexylsulfamate sodium; Cyclohexylsulfamic acid, sodium salt; Cyclohexylsulphamate sodium; Cyclohexylsulphamic acid, monosodium salt; Dulzor-Etas; Hachi-Sugar; Ibiosuc; Monosodium cyclohexylsulfamate; N-Cyklohexylsulfamat sodny [Czech]; Natraiumcyclohexylamidosulfat; Natreen; Natrii cyclamas; Natrii cyclamas [INN-Latin]; Natrium cyclamicum; Natrium cyclohexylsulfamat; Natriumcyclohexylamidosulfat; Natriumzyklamate [German]; Sodium N-cyclohexylsulfamate; Sodium cyclohexanesulfamate; Sodium cyclohexanesulphamate; Sodium cyclohexyl amidosulphate; Sodium cyclohexyl sulfamate; Sodium cyclohexyl sulphamate; Sodium cyclohexylsulphamidate; Sodium sucaryl; Sucaryl sodium; Sucrum 7; Suessette; Suestamin; Sugarin; Sugaron; Sulfamic acid, cylclohexyl-, monosodium salt; [ChemIDplus]
Food Additives
White solid; [Hawley] White powder; [MSDSonline]
Has been used as a non-nutritive sweetener; [Hawley]
30 times as sweet as sucrose; [Hawley] An irritant; [MSDSonline] Removed from US market in 1969 because animal experiments showed increased bladder cancer; 75 subsequent studies failed to confirm this finding; It is approved for food use in Canada and 50 other countries around the world. []
Prohibited by US FDA for food use in 1969; [Hawley]
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