Metals and Occupational Diseases


Disease Name

Caused by Compounds Containing

Toxic Neuropathy

As (inorganic); Tl; Pb; Hg

Pneumoconiosis, Other

Sb; Rare Earth Metals

Pneumoconiosis, Benign

Fe; Ba; Sn; Sb; Rare Earth Metals

Bone Cancer

Pu; Ra

Nasal Sinus Cancer

Ni; Ra

Skin Cancer

As (inorganic)

Occupational Asthma

Cr(VI); Ni

Contact Dermatitis, Allergic

Ni; Cr(VI)

Acute Tubular Necrosis

Cr(VI); U; Pb

Chronic Renal Failure

Cd; Pb


There are 73 Pb compounds in Haz-Map. Lead compounds can cause neuropathy in workers. If you look at neuropathy, you will see that this disease is linked to "Lead" rather than to all 73 Pb compounds. This was done to improve the readability of the disease page. Let's look at an example of one of the lead compounds. Lead (II) carbonate, although it has the same adverse effects as lead, is not directly linked to neuropathy, but only to the disease "Lead, subacute toxic effect." In the comments section for Lead (II) carbonate, it says, "See 'Lead' and linked occupational diseases." So, all 73 Pb compounds are indirectly linked to all the diseases listed under Lead.


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