Lost-wax casting

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Lost-wax casting
Potential exposure from metal pouring (arsenic, lead, manganese, nickel); crucible furnace emissions (carbon monoxide); wax burnout (acrolein and formaldehyde); and molding and sandblasting (silica); [Rom, 3rd ed, p. 1466] Lost-wax casting is commonly used by artisans to make chains, bracelets, and picture frames. A study of 100 goldsmiths using chalk molds found CT evidence of silicosis in 23. The chalk contained up to 70% crystalline silica. The technique is to make a wax model that is placed in a bucket filled with chalk and water that is fired in a kiln. The wax melts to leave a mold to form the gold or silver piece. [PMID: 17620282] For safety practices, see [PMID 28665840]

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