Foods that cause contact dermatitis

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Foods that cause contact dermatitis
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Contact urticaria and contact dermatitis in food workers; [Marks]
Garlic and onions are the most common contact food allergens. Other foods that may cause contact urticaria and contact dermatitis:\
Dairy products; fish; meat; fruit (apple banana, orange, peach, and plum); wheat and wheat flour; nuts; and vegetables (beans, carrot, celery, cucumber, lettuce, parsnip, potato, rutabaga, and tomato). [Marks, p. 322-6] Foods that may induce photoirritant contact dermatitis (PICD) include: lime, celery, parsnip, and fig. [Marks, p. 203]
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Skin Sensitizer
PICD (photoirritant contact dermatitis)

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