Agent Name
CAS Number
Major Category
Biological Agents
Dewaxed lanolin; Lanolin anhydrous USP; Wool wax; Adeps Lanae ahydricus; Adeps lanae; Adeps lane; Agnin; Agnolin; Agnolin No. 1; Alapurin; Amber lanolin; Anhydrous lanolin; Anhydrous lanum; Clearlan; Clearlan 1650; Coronet; Cosmelan; Crodapur; Emery HP 2050; FPG 1; Fats and Glyceridic oils, lanoline; Fats and Glyceridic oils, wool; Fats, lanolin; Fats, wool; HHC 82; Lanae cera; Lanain; Lanalin; Lanesin; Lanichol; Laniol; Lanolin; Lanolin oil; Lanolin, anhydrous; Lanoprodine; Lanox CNB 50; Lanox CNB 500; Lanox CNB 80; Lanox FP 1410N; Lanox FP 8; Lanox FP 85N; Lanox FPG 103; Lanox FPG 105; Lanox FPK 108; Lanox HH 73; Lanox HHC 82; Lantrol; Lanum; Medilan; Natralube 210; Oesipos; Processed lanolin; Super Lanolin; Wollfett; Wool fat; Wool grease; Wool wax, lanolin; Wool wax, refined; [ChemIDplus]
Animal-Derived Allergens
Yellowish-white to yellowish-brown semisolid; [HSDB] Yellow paste; [Aldrich MSDS]
A yellow fat derived from sheep’s wool and comprised of a complex combination of esters and polyesters, mainly cholesteryl and isocholesteryl of the higher fatty acids; [ChemIDplus] Used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical ointments, as soap stock, lubricant, raw material for acids (used as catalysts in petroleum cracking), for leather finishing, and for various applications in personal care products; [HSDB]
Lanolin is a complex natural mixture of esters of alcohols and fatty acids present in sheep fleece. Wool that is manufactured to reduce free wool alcohols below 3% can be worn by lanolin-sensitive individuals. Lanolin is a common cause of allergic contact dermatitis in leg ulcer patients treated with topical medications containing lanolin. [Marks, p. 96-7] Causes allergic dermatitis on topical exposure to human skin; [RTECS] May cause irritation; [Aldrich MSDS]
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must be preheated

Adverse Effects

Skin Sensitizer

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