Distillates (petroleum), solvent-dewaxed heavy naphthenic

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Distillates (petroleum), solvent-dewaxed heavy naphthenic
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Solvent-dewaxed heavy naphthenic distillate; Distillates, petroleum, solvent-dewaxed heavy naphthenic; Mineral oil, petroleum distillates, solvent-dewaxed heavy naphthenic (mild or no solvent-refining or hydrotreatment); Mineral oil, petroleum distillates, solvent-dewaxed heavy naphthenic (severe solvent-refining and/or hydrotreatment); Distillates, (petroleum), solvent-dewaxed heavy naphthenic; [ChemIDplus] Hydrocarbons C20-C50; Schmierolgrundole, naphthenisch, entwachst; [IUCLID]
Petroleum Oils
Clear amber liquid with a bland petroleum odor; [Air Techniques MSDS]
Used as a lubricating oil for machines, motors, and compressors; [Air Techniques MSDS]
TSCA Definition 2008: Obtained by removal of normal paraffins from a petroleum fraction by solvent crystallization and consisting of mainly cycloalkanes with carbon numbers of C20 through C50; Produces a finished oil of not less than 100 SUS at 100 deg F; [ChemIDplus] Prolonged or repeated skin contact may cause irritation; An aspiration hazard by ingestion; [Air Techniques MSDS]
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