Lubricating oils (petroleum), hydrotreated spent

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Lubricating oils (petroleum), hydrotreated spent
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Other Classes
Lubricating oils, petroleum, hydrotreated spent; Lubricating oils, (petroleum), hydrotreated spent; [ChemIDplus] Base oil; Lubricating oil; Mineral oil; [IUCLID] Hydrotreated paraffinic base oil; Petroleum oil; Lube oil; Petroleum hydrocarbon; Lubricant; [Safety-Kleen MSDS]
Petroleum Oils
Amber liquid with a petroleum odor; [Safety-Kleen MSDS]
Used as a diluent for additives, mainly petroleum based lubricants for automotive applications; [IUCLID] Used for lubricating hydraulic systems, as a machining coolant, for quenching and heat treating, rustproofing, process oil applications, and industrial coke manufacturing; [Safety-Kleen MSDS]
TSCA Definition 2008: Obtained by treating a spent lube oil with hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst and consisting of hydrocarbons with carbon numbers of C15 through C50; [ChemIDplus] May cause skin and eye irritation; May be harmful by ingestion (may cause lung damage by aspiration); [Safety-Kleen MSDS]
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