Petroleum resins

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Petroleum resins
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Arien; [ChemIDplus] Petroleum Resin 25; PetrResin; Bitumen; Petroleum Hydrocarbon; [Ergon MSDS]
Petroleum Refining Residues
Viscous semi-solid to solid; [EPA ChAMP] Dark brown to black tacky solid; [Ergon MSDS]
Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA]
TSCA Definition 2008: Obtained as a fraction of the extract from solvent extraction of residuum and consisting predominantly of high molecular weight compounds with high carbon-to-hydrogen ratios; [ChemIDplus] The fumes produced from heating (often necessary in applications such as paving) are considered the major occupational hazard of these complex mixtures; [EPA ChAMP] May cause irritation; Low oral toxicity; [Ergon MSDS] See "Asphalt fumes."
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