Benzenesulfonic acid, C15-30-alkyl derivatives, sodium salts

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Benzenesulfonic acid, C15-30-alkyl derivatives, sodium salts
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Benzenesulfonic acid, mono- and di-C15-30-alkyl derivs., sodium salts; [ChemIDplus]
Benzenesulfonic Acid Derivatives
Petroleum additive alkaryl sulfonates are used as additives in petroleum base stocks in the formulation of lubricating oils, industrial oils, hydraulic fluids, gear oils, and metal working oils; They function as high temperature detergents to reduce deposits and as rust inhibitors; [EPA ChAMP: Initial Risk-Based Prioritization]
Petroleum additive alkaryl sulfonates: Category members demonstrate low acute oral toxicity; Inflammation, hemorrhage, and ulceration in oral repeated-dose studies of rats (no treatment related effects observed in males); Changes in clinical chemistry, hematology, organ weights, and histopathology in repeated-dose dermal studies; Histopathological changes of the lungs in repeated-dose inhalation studies; No evidence of reproductive or developmental toxicity; [EPA ChAMP: Screening Level Hazard Characterization] See "4-Decylbenzenesulfonic acid."
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