Disperse Yellow 3

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Disperse Yellow 3
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Disperse Yellow 3 formula graphical representation
4'-((6-Hydroxy-m-tolyl)azo)acetanilide; 4-(2-Hydroxy-5-methylphenylazo)acetanilide; 4-Acetamido-2'-hydroxy-5'-methylazobenzene; Acetamide, N-(4((2-hydroxy-5-methylphenyl)azo)phenyl)-; Acetamine Yellow CG; Acetate Fast Yellow G; Acetoquinone Light Yellow; Acetoquinone Light Yellow 4JLZ; Altco Sperse Fast Yellow GFN New; Amacel Yellow G; Artisil Direct Yellow G; Artisil Yellow 2GN; Artisil Yellow G; Atrisil Direct Yellow G; C.I. 11855; C.I. 3/11855; C.I. Disperse Yellow 3; C.I. Solvent Yellow 77; CI 11855; CI Solvent Yellow 14 Cytembena; CI Solvent Yellow 77; CI Solvent Yellow 92; CI Solvent Yellow 99; Calcosyn Yellow GC; Calcosyn Yellow GCN; Celliton Discharge Yellow GL; Celliton Fast Yellow G; Celliton Fast Yellow GA; Celliton Fast Yellow GA-CF; Celliton Yellow G; Cellutate Yellow GH; Celutate Yellow GH; Cibacet Yellow 2GC; Cibacet Yellow GBA; Cibacete Yellow GBA; Cilla Fast Yellow G; Diacelliton Fast Yellow G; Disperse Fast Yellow G; Disperse Yellow 3; Disperse Yellow G; Disperse Yellow Z; Dispersive Yellow 3T; Dispersol Fast Yellow G; Dispersol Printing Yellow G; Dispersol Yellow A-G; Durgacet Yellow G; Durosperse Yellow G; Eastone Yellow GN; Esteroquinone Light Yellow 4JL; Estone Yellow GN; Fenacet Fast Yellow G; Fenacet Yellow G; Genacron Yellow G; Hispacet Fast Yellow G; Hisperse Yellow G; Interchem Acetate Yellow G; Interchem Disperse Yellow GH; Interchem Hisperse Yellow GH; Intraperse Yellow GBA; Intrasperse Yellow GBA Extra; Kayalon Fast Yellow G; Kayaset Yellow G; Kca Acetate Fast Yellow G; Microsetile Yellow GR; Miketon Fast Yellow G; N-(4-((2-Hydroxy-5-methylphenyl)azo)phenyl)acetamide; Nacelan Fast Yellow CG; Novalon Yellow 2GN; Nyloquinone Light Yellow 4JL; Nyloquinone Yellow 4J; Ostacet Yellow P2G; Palacet Yellow GN; Palanil Yellow G; Pamacel Yellow G-3; Perliton Yellow G; Reliton Yellow C; Resiren Yellow TG; Safaritone Yellow G; Samaron Yellow PA3; Serinyl Hosiery Yellow GD; Seriplas Yellow GD; Serisol Fast Yellow GD; Setacyl Yellow 2GN; Setacyl Yellow G; Setacyl Yellow P-2GL; Silotras Yellow TSG; Supracet Fast Yellow G; Synten Yellow 2G; Synton Yellow 2G; Terasil Yellow 2GC; Terasil Yellow GBA Extra; Tertranese Yellow N-2GL; Tuladisperse Fast Yellow 2G; Vonteryl Yellow G; Vonteryl Yellow R; Yellow Z; Yellow reliton G; Zlut disperzni 3 [Czech]; Zlut rozpoustedlova 77 [Czech]; [ChemIDplus]
Azo Dyes
Brownish-yellow powder; [CAMEO]
Used in textile dyes and in some semi-permanent hair dyes; [Kanerva, p. 1791]
Allergic contact dermatitis reported in textile workers; [Kanerva, p. 1791] May cause allergic contact dermatitis; [CAMEO] Danger of skin sensitization; [MAK]
Banned in UE for garment dyeing because potential skin sensitizer; Ullmann]
Biomedical References

Adverse Effects

Skin Sensitizer
IARC Carcinogen
Not classifiable

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