Cement bonded alumina

Agent Name
Cement bonded alumina
CAS Number
Major Category
Mineral Dusts
Cement, alumina, chemicals; [ChemIDplus] CALCIUM ALUMINATE CEMENT; CA-14 M; CA-14 S; CA-14 W; CA-25 C; CA-25 M; CA-25 R; CA-270; CA-470 TI; CAC DISCHARGE; [Almatis MSDS]
Other Mineral Dusts
Off-white powder; [Almatis MSDS]
A hydraulic binder used to make refractory concretes and mortars; Also used in construction (materials and chemistry products); [Almatis MSDS]
"TSCA Definition 2008: High-Alumina cement is a mixture of chemical substances produced by burning or sintering at high temperature (greater than 1200.degree.C (2192.degree.F)) raw materials which are predominantly calcium carbonate, aluminum oxide, silica, and iron oxide. The chemical substances which are manufactured are confined in a crystalline mass. This category includes all of the chemical substances specified below when they are intentionally manufactured in the production of high-alumina cement. The primary members of this category are CaAl2O4, Ca4Al2FeO10, Ca12Al14O33, and Ca2SiO4. Other compounds listed below may also be included in the combination with these primary substances.: CaAl4O7; CaAl12O19; Ca3Al2O6; CaO; Ca3SiO5; Ca2Fe2O5; Ca2Al2SiO7; Ca4Al6SO16; Ca12Al14Cl2O32; Ca12Al14F2O32; Ca6Al4Fe2O15." [ChemIDplus] A mild skin and eye irritant; [Almatis MSDS] See "Aluminum oxide." See "Portland Cement."
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