Hexanedioic acid, ditridecyl ester

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Hexanedioic acid, ditridecyl ester
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Hexanedioic acid, ditridecyl ester formula graphical representation
Ditridecyl adipate; Ditridecyl hexanedioate; Hexanedioic acid, ditridecyl ester; Bis(tridecyl) adipate; Hexanedioic acid, 1,6-ditridecyl ester; Adipic acid, ditridecyl ester; [ChemIDplus] JAYFLEX DTDA; [ExxonMobil MSDS]
Esters, Other
Clear colorless liquid with a mild odor; [ExxonMobil MSDS]
Used as a lubricant; [ExxonMobil MSDS]
May cause irritation; Low order of toxicity; [ExxonMobil MSDS] No mortalities observed in dermal lethal-dose study of rabbits; No systemic toxicity observed in 13-week dermal study of rats at doses up to 2,000 mg/kg/day; Other category members and supporting chemicals demonstrated effects including histopathological changes of the kidney and liver, changes in enzyme activities, lesions of heart, kidney, and liver in repeated-dose oral and dermal studies; Developmental toxicity at or below doses maternally toxic; No effects to gonads; No evidence of mutagenicity; [EPA ChAMP: Screening Level Hazard Characterization: Diesters] This document also reviews several other diesters in Haz-Map: Di-2-ethylhexyl maleate, Diisooctyl adipate, Di-2-ethylhexyl azelate, Bis(2-ethylhexyl) sebacate, and Di(2-ethylhexyl) adipate.
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Lethal Concentration
LC50 (rat) > 3,200 mg/m3/4hr

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