Disperse Red 1

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Disperse Red 1
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2-(Ethyl(4-((4-nitrophenyl)azo)phenyl)amino)ethanol; 4-Nitro-4'-(ethyl(2-hydroxyethyl)amino)azobenzene; Acetamine Scarlet B; Acetate Fast Scarlet B; Acetoquinone Light Scarlet BLZ; Amacel Scarlet GB; C.I. 11110; C.I. Solvent Red 14; Calcosyn Brilliant Scarlet BN; Celliton Discharge Scarlet B; Celliton Red B; Celliton Scarlet B; Celliton Scarlet BA-CF; Celliton sacrlet B (6CI); Celutate Scarlet BH; Cibacet Scarlet 2B; Cibacet Scarlet Cibacet Scarlet BS; Cibacete Scarlet BRN; Cilla Scarlet B; Diacelliton Fast Scarlet B; Diacelliton Scarlet B; Disperse Red 1; Disperse Red Zh; Disperse Scarlet B; Disperse Scarlet Zh; Dispersive Ruby Zh; Dispersol Fast Scarlet B; Dispersol Scarlet B; Durgacet Scarlet B; Eastone Scarlet BG; Eniacyl Scarlet B; Fenacet Scarlet B; Interchem Acetate Scarlet B; Interchem Disperse Scarlet BH; Interchem Hisperse Scarlet BH; Kayalon Fast Scarlet B; Microsetile Scarlet B; Miketon Fast Scarlet B; Monocel Scarlet B; Nacelan Scarlet CSB; Neosetile Scarlet B; Nyloquinone Red N; Reliton Scarlet BA; Reltion Scarlet B; Safaritone Scarlet B; Scarlet reliton BA; Serinyl Hoisery Scarlet BD; Serisol Fast Scarlet BD; Setacyl Scarlet 2BD; Setacyl Scarlet B; Setacyl Scarlet RNA; Silotras Scarlet TSR; Supracet Fast Scarlet B; Tertranese Scarlet N-B; WO 4; [ChemIDplus]
Azo Dyes
Allergic contact dermatitis reported in textile workers; [Kanerva, p. 631] Danger of skin sensitization; [MAK]
Banned in UE for garment dyeing because potential skin sensitizer; [Ullmann]
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Skin Sensitizer

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