Dicyclohexylamine nitrite

Agent Name
Dicyclohexylamine nitrite
CAS Number
Major Category
Nitrogen Compounds
Dicyclohexylamine nitrite formula graphical representation
Dechan; Diana; Dichan [Czech]; Dichau; Dicyclohexylaminonitrite; Dicyklohexylamin nitrit [Czech]; Dicynit [Czech]; Dodecahydrophenylamine nitrite; Dusitan dicyklohexylaminu [Czech]; Leukorrosin C; N-Cyclohexylcyclohexanamine nitrite; NDA; VP 1260; VPI 260; VPT-260; Cyclohexanamine, N-cyclohexyl-, nitrite; Dicyclohexylammonium nitrite; [ChemIDplus] Dicyclohexylamine nitrous acid salt; Nitrous acid compound with N-cyclohexylcyclohexanamine (1:1); TVI; [CAMEO] UN2687
Amines, Cyclic
White to light-colored solid; [CAMEO] Beige powder; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS]
Used to make other chemicals; [CAMEO] Used as a corrosion inhibitor; [NTP]
Causes convulsions and lung changes in oral lethal-dose studies of guinea pigs; Causes muscle contractions/spasticity and dyspnea in oral lethal-dose studies of mice; Causes normocytic anemia in oral lethal-dose studies of rats; [RTECS] A strong oxidizer; May cause irritation; [CAMEO] May cause decreased blood pressure, headache, visual disturbances, methemoglobinemia, coma, and convulsions; [NTP] May cause irritation; Toxic by ingestion and inhalation; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS] See "NITRATES and NITRITES." See "Dicyclohexylamine."
Biomedical References

Exposure Assessment

Lethal Concentration
LC (rat) > 90 mg/m3/4hr

Adverse Effects

MetHgb is secondary toxic effect

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