Eriochrome Black T

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Eriochrome Black T
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Major Category
Eriochrome Black T formula graphical representation
Acid Chrome Black A; Acid Chrome Black ET; Acid Chrome Black ET extra; Acid Chrome Black ETN; Acid Chrome Black Special; Acid Chrome Black ethyl; Acid Chrome Black ethyl extra; Alizarine Chrome Black PT; Alizarine Chrome Black PT Supra; Anthranol Chrome Black T; Azochromol Black T; BC 78924; C.I. 14645; C.I. Mordant Black 11 (VAN); C.I. Mordant Black 11, monosodium salt; Calcochrome Black T; Chromazine Black T; Chrome Black ETOO; Chrome Black PB; Chrome Black T; Chrome Black TK; Chrome Black TX; Chrome Black special; Chrome Deep Black T; Chrome Fast Black CAT; Chrome Fast Black KIT; Chrome Fast Black T; Chrome Fast Black TS; Chromocard Black T; Chromogen Black ET-OO; Chromogen Black ETR; Chromogen Black ethyl OO; Chromogene Black ET extra; Chromogene Black ETO-CF; Chromogene Black ETOO Special; Chromogene Black ETOO Supra CF; Chromogene Black T; Chromogene Black T 160; Chromogene Black ethyl extra; Cromal Deep Black NS; Czern kwasowo-chromowa etn [Polish]; Diacromo Black PA; Diacromo Black PSS; Diadem Chrome Black DFA; Diadem Chrome Black T; Diadem Chrome Black TDS; Diadem Chrome Black TW; Diamantine Black T; Diamond Black PT; Durochrome Black ETOO; Durochrome Black T; Durochrome Black TS; Durochrome Black WDFA; Eniacromo Black PA; Erio Chrome Black TN; Eriochrome Black DW; Eriochrome Black TDW; Eriochrome Black TND; Eriochrome Black TSS; Fast Chrome Black T; Fenakrom Black ET; Fenakrom Black ethyl; Hispacrom Black T; Java Chrome Black T; Kenachrome Black T; Lighthouse Chrome Black T; Magracrom Black A; Mitsui Chrome Black PB; Mordant Black 11; Omega Chrome Black S; Omega Chrome Black T; Omega Chrome Black TDW; Pontachrome Black TA; Potting Black C; Potting Chrome Black CL; Salicina Black C Extra; Salicine Chrome Black HC; Schultz No. 241; Solochromate Black WDFA; Solochrome Black; Solochrome Black T; Solochrome Black WDFA; Sunchromine Black BT; Sunchromine Black CF; Sunchromine Black ET; Sunchromine Black HC; Sunchromine Black ethyl; Superchrome Black T; Superchrome Black TS; Telon Chrome Black C; Telon Chrome Black CR; Tertrochrome Black S; Tertrochrome Black TS; Yodochrome Black ETX; 1-Naphthalenesulfonic acid, 3-hydroxy-4-((1-hydroxy-2-naphthalenyl)azo)-7-nitro-, monosodium salt; 1-Naphthalenesulfonic acid, 3-hydroxy-4-(2-(1-hydroxy-2-naphthalenyl)diazenyl)-7-nitro-, sodium salt (1:1); 3-Hydroxy-4-((1-hydroxy-2-naphthalenyl)azo)-7-nitro-1-naphthalenesulfonic acid sodium salt; Sodium 3-hydroxy-4-((1-hydroxy-2-naphthyl)azo)-7-nitronaphthalene-1-sulphonate; [ChemIDplus] 3-Hydroxy-4-((1-hydroxy-2-naphthalenyl)azo)-7-nitro-1-naphthalenesulfonic acid monosodium salt; [Merck Index] FAT 45048/F; NEGRO LANTACROMO T; [IUCLID]
Azo Dyes
Brownish-black solid with a faint metallic sheen; [Merck Index] Black odorless powder; [Acros Organics MSDS]
Used to dye wool and as an indicator (calcium and magnesium content of water); [Merck Index]
Not a human skin irritant; [IUCLID] Causes mild eye irritation in rabbits; Not a skin sensitizer in guinea pig maximization test; [IUCLID] Causes excitement, changes in motor activity, and diarrhea in oral lethal-dose studies of rats; [RTECS] An eye irritant; May have CNS effects; [Acros Organics MSDS]
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Exposure Assessment

Lethal Concentration
LC50 (rat) > 2,000 mg/m3/4hr

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