Methyl violet

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Methyl violet
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Major Category
Basic violet 1; CI 42535; Aizen Methyl Violet; Basic Violet 1; Basic Violet K; Basonyl Violet 600; C Ext. Violet 5; C.I. 42535; C.I. Basic Violet 1; Gentian Violet B; Methyl Violet; Methyl Violet 2B; Methyl Violet 6B; Methyl Violet BB; Methyl Violet FN; Methyl Violet N; Methyl-violett [German]; Paris Violet R; Pyoktanin Blue; Pyoktaninum coeruleum; Violet methylova [Czech]; Violet powder H 2503; Violet zasadita 1 [Czech]; C.I. Basic Violet; [ChemIDplus]
Di- and Triaryl Dyes
Dark green crystalline powder; Odorless; [Alfa Aesar MSDS]
Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA] "Methyl violet is a family of organic compounds that are mainly used as dyes. Depending on the amount of attached methyl groups, the color of the dye can be altered. Its main use is as a purple dye for textiles and to give deep violet colors in paint and ink. Methyl violet 10B is also known as crystal violet (and many other names) and has medical uses." [Wikipedia]
Causes normocytic anemia and weight loss in 44-day intermittent inhalation studies of rats; Causes changes in thymus and liver weights and changes in erythrocyte counts in 17-week intermittent oral studies of rats; [RTECS] A strong eye irritant; Harmful by ingestion; [Alfa Aesar MSDS] See "Ethyl violet" and "Gentian violet."
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