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Plastics & Rubber
Poloxamers formula graphical representation
Poloxamer; Adeka 25R1; Adeka 25R2; Adeka L 61; Adeka Pluronic F 108; Antarox 17R4; Antarox 25R2; Antarox B 25; Antarox F 108; Antarox F 68; Antarox F 88; Antarox F 88FL; Antarox L 61; Antarox L 72; Antarox P 104; Antarox P 84; Antarox SC 138; Arco Polyol R 2633; Arcol E 351; B 053; BASF-L 101; Block polyethylene-polypropylene glycol; Block polyoxyethylene-polyoxypropylene; Breox BL 19-10; CRL 1005; CRL 1605; CRL 8131; CRL 8142; Cirrasol ALN-WS; Crisvon Assistor SD 14; D 500 (polyglycol); Daltocel F 460; Dehypon KE 3557; Detalan; Empilan P 7068; Emulgen PP 230; Epan 450; Epan 485; Epan 710; Epan 785; Epan U 108; Ethylene glycol-propylene glycol block copolymer; Ethylene oxide-propylene oxide block copolymer dipropylene glycol ether; Ethylene oxide-propylene oxide block copolymer ether with ethylene glycol; Ethylene oxide-propylene oxide block polymer; F 108; F 127; F 77; F 87; F 88; Lutrol F; Methyloxirane polymer with oxirane block; P 103; P 104; P 105; P 123; P 65; P 84; P 85; Pluracare; Pluronic; Pluronic L 61; Poloxamer 188; Polyoxamer 108; Polyoxypropylene-polyoxyethylene block copolymer; Propylene oxide ethylene oxide block polymer; Slovanik M-640; Tergitol nonionic XH; alpha-Hydro-omega-hydroxypoly(oxyethylene)(sub a)-poly(oxopropylene)(sub b)-poly(oxyethylene)(sub a) block copolymer; Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane; Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane, block; Pluronic F 38; Pluronic F108; Pluronic F127; Pluronic F68; Pluronic F77; Pluronic F87; Pluronic F88; Pluronic L-81; Pluronic L44; Pluronic L62; Pluronic L64; Pluronic P103; Pluronic P104; Pluronic P105; Pluronic P123; Pluronic P65; Pluronic P84; Pluronic P85; Poloxamer-188; Tergitol XH; alpha-Hydro-omega-hydroxypoly(oxyethylene)a-poly(oxopropylene)b-poly(oxyethylene)a block copolymer; [ChemIDplus]
Liquids, pastes, or solids; [Merck Index]
Non-ionic surfactants with molecular weights ranging from 1,000 to greater than 16,000; Used as food & drug additives, defoamers, anti-static agents, demulsifiers, detergents, wetting agents, gelling agents, emulsifiers, dispersants, and dye levelers; [Merck Index] Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA]
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