Polytetramethylene glycol

Agent Name
Polytetramethylene glycol
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Major Category
Plastics & Rubber
Polytetramethylene glycol formula graphical representation
B 2000; Hiprene MC 532; PTG 100; PTG 200; PTG 300; PTG 400; PTG 500; PTG 500P; PTMG; PTMG 1000; PTMG 2000; Polifurit; Poly(butylene oxide); Poly(oxy-1,4-butylene) glycol; Poly(oxybutylene) glycol; Poly(oxytetramethylene); Poly(oxytetramethylene)diol; Poly(tetramethylene ether); Poly(tetramethylene ether)diol; Poly(tetramethylene ether)glycol; Poly(tetramethylene glycol); Poly(tetramethylene oxide); Poly(tetramethylene oxide) glycol; Polybutylene glycol; Polyfurit; Polyfurit 1000; Polyfurite; Polymeg; Polymeg 1000; Polymeg 1020; Polymeg 2000; Polymeg 2010; Polymeg 600; Polymeg 650; QO Polymeg; QO Polymeg 1000; THF polymer, SRU; Teracol; Teracol 1000; Teracol 2000; Teracol 30; Teracol 650; Terathane; Terathane 1000; Terathane 2900; Tetrahydrofuran homopolymer SRU; Glycols, polytetramethylene; Poly(oxy-1,4-butanediyl), alpha-hydro-omega-hydroxy-; [ChemIDplus] Poly(tetrahydrofuran); Poly(1,4-butanediol); alpha-Hydro-omega-hydroxypoly(oxy-1,4-butanediyl); Terathane 1000 polyether glycol; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS]
White solidified mass or fragments; mp = 25-33 deg C; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS]
Causes somnolence, dyspnea, and diarrhea in oral lethal-dose studies of rats; [RTECS] A skin and strong eye irritant; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS] See "1,4-Butanediol."
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