Potassium xanthogenate

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Potassium xanthogenate
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Potassium xanthogenate formula graphical representation
(O-Ethyl dithiocarbonato)potassium; Ethyl potassium xanthate; Ethyl potassium xanthogenate; Ethylxanthic acid potassium salt; O-Ethyl potassium dithiocarbonate; PEK; Potassium O-ethyl dithiocarbonate; Potassium ethyl dithiocarbonate; Potassium ethyl xanthate; Potassium ethyl xanthogenate; Potassium ethylxanthate; Potassium ethylxanthogenate; Potassium xanthate; Xanthic acid, ethyl-, potassium salt; Z 3 (Pesticide); Z 3 (VAN); Z3; Carbonic acid, dithio-, O-ethyl ester, potassium salt; Carbonodithioic acid, O-ethyl ester, potassium salt; [ChemIDplus]
Organic Acids, Metal Salts
White to light yellow solid; [Merck Index] Light yellow powder with an unpleasant odor; [Alfa Aesar MSDS]
Used as a reagent in analytical chemistry; [Merck Index]
Causes somnolence and respiratory depression in oral lethal-dose studies of mice; Causes excitement and muscle contraction or spasticity in oral lethal-dose studies of rats; Causes changes in erythrocyte counts in 26-week oral studies of rats; [RTECS] A skin and strong eye irritant; Toxic by ingestion; [Alfa Aesar MSDS]
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Vapor Pressure
3.95E-09 mm Hg

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