Tall oil fatty acids

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Tall oil fatty acids
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Biological Agents
Acids, tall oil; Fatty acids, tall oil; Tall oil acid; Disproportionated tall oil fatty acid; Tall oil acids; [ChemIDplus] A-Tall FA-XA; Acides gras de Tall Oil; Acintol D 30RL; Pamak 4; Acintol EPG; Acintol FA 1; Acintol FA 2; Acintol FA 3; Bevacid 2; Crofatol P; Emtall 729; Etol FA-X; FA 1; Fatty acids; Fatty acids, tall-oil, disproportionated; Fettsaure; Hartall F 1; Hartall FA 1; Hartall FA 20; L 1AS; L 5; L 5 (fatty acid); Liqro W; Neo-fat 42-06; Neo-fat 42-12; Neo-Fat 42-6; Neo-fat 42-70; Olein; Pamak 1; Pamak 4; Pamak 4A; Pamak I; Pamolyn 125; Sylfat 94; Sylfat 96; Sylfat V 18; Talacyd D 50; Talacyd P 40; Talacyd P 50; Talacyd T 2; Tall Fax 250; Tall oil fatty acid; Tall-oil fatty acids; Tall-oil, disproportionated; Tallolfettsaure; TOFA; Unitol AC; Unitol ACD; Unitol BKS; Unitol DSR; Unitol DSR 90; OULU 102; VALKE TOFA 2; Unitol LFA; Westvaco 1480; [IUCLID]
Rosin and Derivatives
Liquid; [IUCLID] Light amber oily liquid with a bland odor of tall oil; [Claremont MSDS]
Used for synthesis in the chemical industry, in the paints-lacquers-varnishes and paper-pulp-board industries, and as an intermediate; Also used in cosmetics (hair dyes and bleaches, shampoos, skin cleansers, and shaving creams) and is approved as an indirect food additive; [IUCLID] Used as an intermediate (chemical product, basic organic chemical, resin and synthetic rubber, soap and cleaning compound, and tire manufacturing), lubricant (chemical product and petroleum and coal product manufacturing), surface active agent (chemical product manufacturing, nonmetallic mineral mining and quarrying, and textile and fabric finishing mills), flotation agent (chemical product and resin and synthetic rubber manufacturing), and corrosion inhibitor (petroleum and coal product manufacturing); Also used in agricultural products (non-pesticidal), glass and ceramic products, lubricants, greases, fuel additives, paints, coatings, paper products, fabrics, apparel, and detergents; [EPA ChAMP: Initial Risk-Based Prioritization: Supporting Documents] Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA]
A mixture of oleic, linoleic, and rosin acids obtained by the hydrolysis of tall oil (by-product of wood pulp); Components of this mixture are slightly irritating to skin and eyes of rabbits; No toxic effects except growth retardation observed in rats at 15% dietary intake; No adverse effects observed in 2-generation study of rats at 5 and 10% of the diet; [IUCLID] Typical composition is 86% fatty acids (predominantly C18 unsaturated and saturated), 4% other acids, and 2% unsaponifiable matter; No evidence of reproductive of developmental toxicity in 2-generation oral study of rats; [EPA ChAMP: Hazard Characterization] An irritant; [Claremont MSDS] See "Colophony."
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