Carbamide peroxide

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Carbamide peroxide
Alternative Name
Urea peroxide
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Carbamide peroxide formula graphical representation
Urea peroxide; Auro Ear Wax Remover; Carbamide Peroxide Otic Solution; Carbamide peroxide, solution; Debrox; Ear Wax Treatment; Gly-oxide; Hydrogen peroxide carbamide; Hydrogen peroxide, compd. with urea (1:1); Hydroperit; Hydroperite; Hyperol; Murine Ear Drops; Ortizon; Percarbamid; Percarbamide; Perhydrit; Perhydrol-Urea; Thenardol; Thera-ear; Urea compound with hydrogen peroxide (1:1); Urea dioxide; Urea hydrogen peroxide; Urea hydroperoxide; Urea, compd. with hydrogen peroxide (1:1); [ChemIDplus] Exterol; [Merck Index] Carbonyl diamine peroxide; Hydrogen peroxide, compound with urea (1:1); Hydrogen peroxide, compounded with urea (1:1); Hydrogen peroxide-urea adduct (1:1); Hydrogen peroxide-urea compound (1:1); Opalescence; Peroxido de hidrogeno de urea (Spanish DOT); Peroxido de urea (Spanish DOT); Urea hydrogen peroxide salt; Urea, compound with H2O2; Urea, compound with hydrogen peroxide (1:1); Urea, compounded with H2O2; Urea, compounded with hydrogen peroxide (1:1); Urea, hydrogen peroxide salt; Uree peroxyde (French DOT); Uree-peroxyde d'hydrogene (French DOT); [CAMEO] Urea hydrogen peroxide adduct; Carbamide perhydrate; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS] UN1511
Peroxides, Organic
White solid; [Merck Index] Solid or paste-like semisolid; [CAMEO] Odorless; [CHRIS] White tablet; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS]
Used as an antiseptic, cerumenolytic, and dental bleach; [Merck Index] Used to make plastics; [CAMEO] Used for hair bleaching, oxidation of permanent waves, and hair relaxing; [ExPub: EC: SCCP] Used to develop blueprints and for the modification of starches; [NTP]
Decomposed by air into urea, oxygen, and water; [Merck Index] A strong oxidizer that may combust on heating or on contact with organic substances; [CAMEO] Forms hydrogen peroxide solution on contact with water; An irritant that may cause severe eye injury; [CHRIS] Serious explosion hazard from shock or heat; An irritant that may cause corneal damage and skin blistering; [NTP] An oxidizer that may intensify fire; Causes burns; Inhalation may cause corrosive injuries to upper respiratory tract and lungs; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS] See "Hydrogen peroxide."
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Toxic Pneumonitis
Skin burns

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