Fly ash

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Fly ash
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Ash; Ash byproduct (coal); Ashes (residues); Boiler ash; Bottom ash; By product-coal ash; By-product Coal Ash; By-product coal ash (sludge); By-product coal bottom ash; By-product coal fly ash; By-product fuel oil ash; By-product lignite ash; Cinders; Coal ash; Coal ash, by product; Coal ash, byproduct; Coal fly ash; Electric utility boiler bottom ash; Electric utility boiler flyash; Electric utility boiler flyash (coal); Fly Ash; Flyash; Furnace residues; High carbon rice hull ash; Lignite char; Low carbon rice hull ash; Oil ash, by-product; Power house by-product coal ash; Vanadium residues; Wood char; [ChemIDplus]
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Produced from burning coal, fly ash is a mixture of alumina, silica, carbon, and metal oxides; The alumina may be recovered by calsintering. Used as an additive in oil well casings and an absorbent in oil spills and wastewater treatments; [Hawley]
See the Process, "Cleaning Furnaces and Flues." Metal exposures include arsenic, cesium, selenium, thallium, and vanadium. Workers cleaning furnaces and flues may also be exposed to asbestos, coal tars, silica, and soots.
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