Mineral oil, pure, highly and severely refined

Agent Name
Mineral oil, pure, highly and severely refined
Major Category
Other Classes
Paraffin oil; Liquid petrolatum; With mineral oil; USP Mineral oil; [ACGIH]
Other Organic Compounds
Used in metalworking, textile machinery, rock drills, aerosol lubrication, agricultural sprays, concrete molds, corrosion preventatives, printing inks, rubber extenders, and in food & drugs; [ACGIH]
"In the past, many mineral oils were poorly or mildly refined and contained significant levels of PAHs." The TLV Basis is "upper respiratory tract irritation." [ACGIH] See "Mineral oils, untreated or mildly treated" and "Oil mist, mineral."
"Regulatory pressures in the U.S. further encouraged the move to highly refined mineral oils in the mid-1980s." [ACGIH]
Biomedical References

Exposure Assessment

Skin Designation (ACGIH)
Insufficient data
5 mg/m3, inhalable fraction
5 mg/m3, respirable fraction
Explanatory Notes
TLV is for "Mineral oil, excluding metal working fluids" and does not include "Mineral oil, poorly and mildly refined"; [ACGIH]

Adverse Effects

IARC Carcinogen
Not classifiable
ACGIH Carcinogen
Not Classifiable

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