Agent Name
CAS Number
Major Category
Other Classes
AN-Sulfur Colloid Kit; Agri-Sul; Aquilite; Asulfa-Supra; Atomic sulfur; Bensulfoid; Brimstone; Colloidal sulfur; Colloidal-S; Collokit; Colsul; Corosul D and S; Cosan; Cosan 80; Crystex; Devisulphur; Elosal; Flour sulfur; Flour sulphur; Flowers of sulfur; Flowers of sulphur; Gofrativ; Ground vocle sulfur; Ground vocle sulphur; Hexasul; Kolloidschwefel 95; Kolo 100; Kolofog; Kolospray; Kristex; Kumulus; Kumulus FL; Liquamat; Magnetic 6; Magnetic 70, 90, and 95; Micowetsulf; Microflotox; Microthiol; Netzschwefel; Polsulkol extra; Precipitated sulfur; Rc-schwefel extra; Sastid; Schwefel, feinverteilter; Shreesul; Sofril; Solfa; Soufre [ISO-French]; Sperlox-S; Spersul; Spersul thiovit; Sublimed sulfur; Sublimed sulphur; Suffa; Sufran; Sufran D; Sulfex; Sulfidal; Sulforon; Sulfospor; Sulfur; Sulfur Soap; Sulfur atom; Sulfur ointment; Sulfur vapor; Sulfur, monoclinic; Sulfur, pharmaceutical; Sulfur, precipitated; Sulfur, rhombic; Sulfur, solid; Sulfur, sublimed; Sulikol; Sulkol; Sulphur; Sulphur [ISO]; Sulsol; Sultaf; Super Six; Super cosan; Svovl; TechneColl; Tesuloid; Thiolux; Thion; Thiovit; Thiovit S; Thiozol; Ultra Sulfur; Wettasul; Zolvis; UN1350; UN2448; [ChemIDplus]
Elements, Nonmetallic
Pale yellow crystals or powder with faint odor of rotten eggs; [CAMEO]
Used in the production of many chemicals and products including sulfuric acid, sulfites, insecticides, plastics, vulcanized rubber, dyes, gunpowder, and matches; Also used to bleach wood pulp, straw, wool, silk, felt, and linen; [Merck Index] Has been used topically in the treatment of ringworm, scabies, pediculosis, and acne, psoriasis, and seborrhea; [HSDB] Used as a fungicide and acaracide; [EXTOXNET]
Burning can release toxic gases; Molten sulfur can cause severe burns; [CAMEO] Dust explosions can result when powder is mixed with air. [ICSC]
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Exposure Assessment

Lethal Concentration
LC50 (mammals) = 1660 mg/m3
Explanatory Notes
Autoignition temperature = 260.0 degrees F; [CAMEO]
must be preheated

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