Sodium chloride

Agent Name
Sodium chloride
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Major Category
Adsorbanac; Ayr; Common salt; Dendritis; Extra Fine 200 Salt; Extra Fine 325 Salt; Flexivial; Gingivyl; H.G. blending; Halite; Hypersal; Hyposaline; Iodized salt; Natriumchlorid [German]; Purex; Rock salt; SS salt; Saline; Salt; Salt (ingredient); Sea salt; Slow Sodium; Sodium chloric; Sodium chloride; Sodium chloride (Na4Cl4); Sodium chloride (NaCl); Sodium chloride brine, purified; Sodium monochloride; Table salt; Top flake; Trisodium trichloride; [ChemIDplus]
Metals, Inorganic Compounds
Water soluble, white crystals; [CAMEO]
"Sodium chloride (NaCl). A colorless, cubic crystal or white, crystalline powder, found widely distributed over the earth, in sea water, etc., which is a necessary constituent of the body and consequently of the diet. It makes up over 90 percent of the inorganic constituents of the blood serum and is the principal salt involved in maintaining osmotic tension of the blood and tissues. (From Dorland, 27th ed)" [ChemIDplus] Used in the hide preservation and pickling stages of leather production; [PMID 21938525]
An eye irritant; Toxic after ingestion of large amounts; [CAMEO]
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Exposure Assessment

Lethal Concentration
LC50 (rat) = 42,000 mg/m3/1H
Explanatory Notes
mp = 1474.0 deg F; VP = 1 mm Hg at 1589.0 deg F; [CAMEO]

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