Potassium chloride

Agent Name
Potassium chloride
CAS Number
Major Category
Acronitol; Addi-K; Apo-K; Celeka; Cena-K; Chlorid draselny [Czech]; Chloride of potash; Chloropotassuril; Chlorvescent; Clor-K-Zaf; Diffu-K; Dipotassium dichloride; Durekal; Durules; Durules-K; Emplets potassium chloride; Enpott; Enseal; K Tab; K-10; K-Care; K-Contin; K-Dur; K-Grad; K-Lease; K-Lor; K-Lyte Cl; K-Lyte/Cl; K-Norm; K-Predne-dome; K-SR; K-Sol; K-Tab; KCL Retard; KCl-retard Zyma; KSR; Kadalex; Kalcorid; Kaleorid; Kaliduron; Kaliglutol; Kalilente; Kalinor-Retard P; Kalinorm; Kalinorm Depottab; Kaliolite; Kalipor; Kalipoz; Kalitabs; Kalitrans Retard; Kalium Duriles; Kalium Durules; Kalium Retard; Kalium S.R.; Kalium SR; Kalium-Durettes; Kalium-R; Kaochlor; Kaon Cl; Kaon-Cl; Kaon-Cl 10; Kaon-Cl TABS; Kato; Kay Ciel; Kay-Cee-L; Kay-Ciel; Kay-EM; Kayciel; Keylyte; Klor-Con; Klor-Lyte; Kloren; Klorvess; Klotrix; Lento-K; Lento-Kalium; Leo-K; Micro-K; Micro-K Extentcaps; Micro-Kalium Retard; Miopotasio; Monopotassium chloride; Muriate of potash; Natural sylvite; Neobakasal; Nu-K; Peter-kal; Pfiklor; Plus Kalium Retard; Potasion; Potasol; Potassium chloride; Potassium chloride (K3Cl3); Potassium chloride (KCl); Potassium monochloride; Potassium muriate; Potavescent; Rekawan; Rekawan Retard; Repone K; Rum-K; Slow-K; Slow-K tablets; Span-K; Steropotassium; Super K; Super K (salt); Ten-K; Tripotassium trichloride; Ultra K Chlor; Ultra-K-Chlor; [ChemIDplus]
Metals, Inorganic Compounds
White crystals that are hygroscopic and water soluble; tastes similar to NaCl; [CAMEO]
"A white crystal or crystalline powder used as an electrolyte replenisher, in the treatment of hypokalemia, in buffer solutions, and in fertilizers and explosives." [ChemIDplus]
Causes vomiting after ingestion of large doses; [CAMEO] An eye irritant; [CHEMINFO]
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mp =1418.0 deg F; [CAMEO]

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