Diethylenetriaminepenta(methylenephosphonic) acid

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Diethylenetriaminepenta(methylenephosphonic) acid
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Diethylenetriaminepenta(methylenephosphonic) acid formula graphical representation
Diethylenetriamine, pentamethylenepentaphosphonic acid; (((Phosphonomethyl)imino)bis(ethane-2,1-diylnitrilobis(methylene)))tetrakisphosphonic acid; Phosphonic acid, (((phosphonomethyl)imino)bis(2,1-ethanediylnitrilobis(methylene)))tetrakis-; Phosphonic acid, P,P',P'',P'''-(((phosphonomethyl)imino)bis(2,1-ethanediylnitrilobis(methylene)))tetrakis-; [ChemIDplus] Acide diethylènetriaminepenta(methylenephosphonique); CP 66257; Dequest 2060; Diethylenetriamine penta(methylenephosphonic acid); Diethylenetriaminopenta(methylenephosphonic acid); DTPMP; DTPMPA; MK-108; [IUCLID] [(Bis{2-[bis(phosphonomethyl)amino]ethyl}amino)methyl]phosphonic acid; DETPMP; Diethylene Triamine Penta (Methylene Phosphonic Acid); DIETHYLENE TRIAMINE PENTA; [ECHA REACH Registrations]
Phosphate Compounds
Solid; [ECHA REACH Registrations] 49-51% Aqueous solution: Clear amber to pale yellow liquid; [Redox Chemicals MSDS]
Used in the chemical, leather processing, paper-pulp-board, paints-lacquers-varnishes, textile processing, and detergents industries; Used in water treatment, as a scale inhibitor, cleaning/washing agent, dispersing agent, complexing agent, and bleach stabilizer; [IUCLID] Used to formulate polishes and wax blends, washing-cleaning products, water softeners, water treatment chemicals, air care products, biocidal products, coatings-paints, fillers-putties-plasters, fertilizers, inks-toners, processing aids (i.e. pH regulators, flocculants, and precipitants), laboratory chemicals, leather tanning-dying-finishing products, paper and board dying-impregnation-finishing products, textile dying-impregnation-finishing products, cosmetics-personal care products, perfumes-fragrances, photo-chemicals, extraction agents, metal surface treatment products (including those for galvanizing and electroplating), to make base metals and alloys, fabricated metal products, furniture, ceramics, large scale chemicals, in mining, oilfield water systems, electricity-steam-gas-water supply, sewage treatment, building and construction work, agriculture-forestry-fishing; [ECHA REACH Registrations] Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA]
An irritant that may cause serious eye injury; [ECHA REACH Registrations] 49-51% Aqueous solution: Causes burns; Mist is severely irritating to respiratory tract; [Redox Chemicals MSDS]
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Skin burns

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