Oleoresin capsicum

Agent Name
Oleoresin capsicum
CAS Number
Major Category
Biological Agents
Oleoresins; Capsicum extract (Capsicum spp.); Capsicum oleoresin; Capsicum oleoresin (Capsicum spp.); Capsicum oleoresin, oil soluble; Capsicum oleoresins; Cayenne (Capsicum annuum L. var. longum Sendt); Cayenne oil; Chili oleoresin; Oleo-, capsicum resins; Oleoresin capsicum africanus; Oleoresin of capsicum; Oleoresins capsicum; Oleoresins of capsicum; Red pepper oleoresin; Resins, capsicum; Resins, oleo-, capsicum; Resins, oleo-, red-pepper; Theragen; [ChemIDplus] OLEORESIN CAPSICUM DOMESTIC K-5815; [Ungerer and Company MSDS]
Plant Oils and Extracts
Clear red to dark red viscous liquid; [Merck Index] Deep red viscous liquid; [Ungerer and Company MSDS]
Made by solvent extraction of dried hot peppers (Capsicum annuum or Capsicum frutescens); Used in skin conditioning agents, external analgesics, flavoring agents, and fragrances; [Merck Index] Used as a feed additive for fattening chickens; [ExPub: EFSA - FEEDAP] Used as a flavoring agent and coloring agent for foods; [FDA] Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA]
Causes inflammation in acute inhalation studies of mice; Causes convulsions, excitement, and lung changes in dermal, oral, and intraperitoneal lethal-dose studies of rats; [RTECS] "TSCA Definition 2008: Extractives and their physically modified derivatives. It is a product which may contain resin acids and their esters, terpenes, and oxidation or polymerization products of these terpenes. (Capsicum frutescens, Solanaceae)." [ChemIDplus] A strong skin and mucous membrane irritant; [Ungerer and Company MSDS]
Biomedical References

Exposure Assessment

Lethal Concentration
LC50 (rat) > 10,000,000 mg/m3/4hr

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