Paraffin oils (petroleum), catalytic dewaxed heavy

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Paraffin oils (petroleum), catalytic dewaxed heavy
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Other Classes
Catalytic-dewaxed heavy paraffinic distillate; Mineral oil, petroleum distillates catalytic dewaxed heavy paraffinic (mild or nosolvent-refining hydrotreatment); Mineral oil, petroleum distillates, catalytic dewaxed heavy paraffinic (severe solvent-refining and/or hydrotreatment); Paraffin oils, petroleum, catalytic dewaxed heavy; Mineral oil, petroleum paraffin oils, catalytic dewaxed heavy; Paraffin oils, (petroleum), catalytic dewaxed heavy; [ChemIDplus] 150N Base oil; CATALYTIC DEWAXED PARAFFINIC OIL; [Formosa Petrochemical MSDS]
Petroleum Oils
Colorless liquid with a mild odor; [Formosa Petrochemical MSDS]
Used to make rubber, polymers, chemicals, in water treatment chemicals, coatings, cleaning agents, oil and gas field drilling, mining, metal working fluids, functional fluids, in release agents/binders, lubricants, agrochemicals, road and construction applications, explosives manufacture and use, as a fuel, and laboratory reagent; [ExPub: ECHA REACH Registrations]
"TSCA Definition 2008: A complex combination of hydrocarbons obtained from a catalytic dewaxing process. It consists predominantly of hydrocarbons having carbon numbers predominantly in the range of C20 through C50 and produces a finished oil with a viscosity of at least 100 SUS at (19cSt at" [ChemIDplus] Histopathological changes of the lung observed in 4-week inhalation study of rats; Members of the highly and severely refined distillate base oils subcategory demonstrate skin and eye irritation in rabbits and skin sensitization in guinea pigs; [EPA ChAMP: Hazard Characterization] Not expected to cause significant adverse health effects; [Formosa Petrochemical MSDS] See "Distillates (petroleum), hydrotreated light paraffinic."
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Skin Sensitizer

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