2,2',6,6'-Tetrabromobisphenol A

Agent Name
2,2',6,6'-Tetrabromobisphenol A
CAS Number
Major Category
Other Classes
2,2',6,6'-Tetrabromobisphenol A formula graphical representation
2,2',6,6'-Tetrabromobisphenol A; 2,2-Bis(3,5-dibromo-4-hydroxyphenyl)propane; 2,2-Bis(4-hydroxy-3,5-dibromophenyl)propane; 3,3',5,5'-Tetrabromobisphenol A; 3,5,3',5'-Tetrabromobisphenol A; 4,4'-(1-Methylethylidene)bis(2,6-dibromophenol); 4,4'-Isopropylidenebis(2,6-dibromophenol); 4,4'-Isopropylylidenebis(2,6-dibromophenol); BA 59; Bromdian; FG 2000; Fire Guard 2000; Firemaster BP 4A; Great Lakes BA-59P; Phenol, 4,4'-(1-methylethylidene)bis(2,6-dibromo-; Phenol, 4,4'-isopropylidenebis(2,6-dibromo-; Saytex RB 100PC; Tetrabromobisphenol A; Tetrabromodian; Tetrabromodiphenylopropane; [ChemIDplus]
Halogenated Polyaromatics
Off-white solid; [HSDB] White powder; [MSDSonline]
Used as a flame retardant additive to plastics (ABS, phenolic, unsaturated polyester resins, and epoxy resin circuit boards), paper, and textiles; Also used as a plasticizer and chemical intermediate; [HSDB]
See "Carcinogenicity of some industrial chemicals," Volume 115. [IARC, News Release, 23 Feb. 2016] Not embryotoxic in rats and mice at dose that causes reduction in offspring weight; [REPROTOX] Reproductive effector; Causes hepatitis, evidence of kidney injury, and weight loss in feeding studies of mice and rats; Causes somnolence and dyspnea in lethal-dose inhalation studies of rats; [RTECS] An irritant; [MSDSonline]
Biomedical References

Exposure Assessment

Vapor Pressure
1.76E-11 mm Hg
Lethal Concentration
LC50 (rat) > 1,267 ppm/1h
Explanatory Notes
Flash point = 178 deg C; [IPCS]

Adverse Effects

Hepatoxic (a) from occupational exposure (secondary effect) or (b) in animal studies or in humans after ingestion
IARC Carcinogen
Probable (2a)

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