Alginic acid

Agent Name
Alginic acid
CAS Number
Major Category
Biological Agents
A 2830-9; Acid Algin G 2; Alginate; Kelacid; Landalgine; Norgine; Polymannuronic acid; Protanal LF; Satialgine-H 8; Sazzio; Snow acid algin G; Verdyol Super; [ChemIDplus]
Plant Oils and Extracts
White to yellow solid; [Hawley] Off-white powder; [MSDSonline]
A hydrophilic, colloidal polysaccharide extracted from seaweeds; [Merck Index] Used for sizing paper and textiles, binding briquettes and tablets, emulsifying mineral oils and drugs, waterproofing concrete, thickening foods, and manufacturing artificial horn, ivory, and celluloid; Also used as a mucilage, dental impression material, protective colloid in toothpaste and cosmetics, and in boiler water treatment, oil-well drilling muds, and storage of gasoline as a solid; [HSDB]
Emergency treatment: "Non-toxic ingestion"; [HSDB] May cause irritation; [Alfa Aesar MSDS]
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