Alizurol Purple

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Alizurol Purple
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Alizurol Purple formula graphical representation
1-Hydroxy-4-((4-methylphenyl)amino)-9,10-anthracenedione; 1-Hydroxy-4-(p-toluidino)anthraquinone; 11092 Violet; 4-Hydroxy-1-(p-toluidino)anthraquinone; 9,10-Anthracenedione, 1-hydroxy-4-((4-methylphenyl)amino)-; Ahcoquinone Blue IR Base; Alizarine Irisol R Base; Alizarine Violet 3B Base; Anthraquinone, 1-hydroxy-4-p-toluidino-; C.I. 60725; C.I. Disperse Blue 72; C.I. Solvent Violet 13; CI 60725; CI Disperse Blue 72; CI Solvent Violet 13; D and C Violet No. 2; D&C Violet 2; D+C Violet No. 2; D+c violet no. 2; Disperse Blue 72; Dispersol Violet B-G; Duranol Brilliant Violet 7G; Duranol Brilliant Violet TG; Irisol base; Modr Disperzni 72; Modr Disperzni 72 [Czech]; N-(4-Hydroxy-1-anthraquinonyl)-4-methylaniline; N-(4-Hydroxy-1-anthraquinonyl)-p-toluidine; N-(p-Tolyl)-4-hydroxy-1-anthraquinonylamine; Oil Violet IRS; Oil Violet ZIRS; Resiren Blue TR; Resiren Blue TR-P; Resolin Blue RRL; Resorin Blue RRL; Solvent Violet 13; Sumikaron Violet B; Transetile Violet P 3B; Violet rozpoustedlova 13 [Czech]; Waxoline purple A; [ChemIDplus]
Anthraquinone Dyes
Violet odorless powder; [MSDSonline]
Used as a dye in cosmetics (hair and skin care products), plastics and resins (e.g., styrene), synthetic textile fibers, and hydrocarbon solvents and gasoline; [HSDB]
Anthraquinones are toxic by ingestion: vomiting, diarrhea, kidney and liver damage, and coma; Deaths have been reported after children ingested Rhamnus berries; [HSDB] May cause irritation; [MSDSonline]
Biomedical References

Adverse Effects

Hepatoxic (a) from occupational exposure (secondary effect) or (b) in animal studies or in humans after ingestion

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