C.I. Direct Orange 8

Agent Name
C.I. Direct Orange 8
CAS Number
Major Category
C.I. Direct Orange 8 formula graphical representation
Amanil Orange Y; Azine Orange R; Bencidal Orange R; Benzanil Orange RN; Benzo Orange R; Benzo Orange RP; Benzoic acid, 5-((4'-((1-amino-4-sulfo-2-naphthalenyl)azo)(1,1'-biphenyl)-4-yl)-azo)-2-hydroxy-, disodium salt; C.I. 22130; CI Direct Orange 8, disodium salt; Chlorazol Orange RN; Cotton Orange R; Diaphtamine Orange R; Diazamine Orange BO; Diazine Orange BR; Diazol Orange 3R; Direct Orange 2RR; Direct Orange 3R; Direct Orange 8; Direct Orange BR; Direct Orange M2R; Direct Orange R; Direct Orange RN; Enianil Orange 2RR; Erie Orange 2R; Fenamin Orange R; Hispamin Orange R; Kayaku Direct Orange R; Nippon Fast Orange DS; Nippon Orange R; Nitto Direct Orange R; Paper Orange R; Paramine Orange R; Pontamine Orange R; Sugai Direct Orange R; Takaoka Direct Orange R; Tertrodirect Orange R; [ChemIDplus]
Benzidine Dyes
Used as dye for cellulose, paper, wool, silk, and cotton; [HSDB]
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