Agent Name
Alternative Name
C.I. Pigment Blue 60
CAS Number
Major Category
Indanthrene formula graphical representation
C.I. Pigment Blue 60; 5,9,14,18-Anthrazinetetrone, 6,15-dihydro-; 6,15-Dihydro-5,9,14,18-anthrazinetetrone; Anthraquinone Blue; Anthraquinone Deep Blue; Atic Vat Blue XRN; Benzadone Blue RS; Bleu solanthrene [French]; Blue O; Blue anthraquinone pigment; C.I. 1106; C.I. 69800; C.I. Vat Blue 4; C.I. wet blue 4; CI 69800; CI Pigment Blue 60; CI Vat Blue 4; Calcoloid Blue RS; Caledon Blue RN; Caledon Blue XRN; Caledon Brilliant Blue RN; Caledon Paper Blue RN; Caledon Printing Blue RN; Caledon Printing Blue XRN; Carbanthrene Blue 2R; Carbanthrene Blue RS; Carbanthrene Blue RSP; Celliton Blue RN; Chromophtal Blue A3R; Cibanone Blue FRS; Cibanone Blue FRSN; Cibanone Blue RS; Cibanone Brilliant Blue FR; Cromophtal Blue A 3R; E 130; Fenan Blue RSN; Fenanthren Blue RS; Food Blue 4; Graphtol Blue RL; Hanilanthrene Blue RS 13-15; Helanthrene Blue RS; Helianthrene Blue RS; Heliogen Blue 6470; Indanthren Blue; Indanthren Blue GP; Indanthren Blue GPT; Indanthren Blue RPT; Indanthren Blue RSN; Indanthren Blue RSP; Indanthren Brilliant Blue R; Indanthren Printing Blue FRS; Indanthren Printing Blue KRS; Indanthrene Blue; Indanthrene Blue GP; Indanthrene Blue RP; Indanthrene Blue RSA; Indanthrene Blue RSN; Indanthrone; L-Blau 1 [German]; Lake Fast Blue BS; Lake Fast Blue GGS; Latexol Fast Blue SD; Lionogen Blue R; Lutetia Fast Blue RS; Medium Blue; Mikethrene Blue RSN; Mikethrene Brilliant Blue R; Modr Kypova 4 [Czech]; Modr Pigment 60 [Czech]; Modr Potravinarska 4 [Czech]; Monolite Fast Blue 3R; Monolite Fast Blue 3RD; Monolite Fast Blue RV; Monolite Fast Blue SRS; N,N'-Dihydro-1,2,1',2'-anthraquinonazine; N,N-Dihydro-1,1,1',2'-anthraquinone-azine; Navinon Blue RSN; Navinon Blue RSN Reddish Special; Nihonthrene Blue RSN; Nihonthrene Brilliant Blue RP; Ostanthren Blue RS; Ostanthren Blue RSN; Ostanthren Blue RSZ; Ostanthrene Blue RS; Palanthrene Blue GPT; Palanthrene Blue GPZ; Palanthrene Blue RPT; Palanthrene Blue RPZ; Palanthrene Blue RSN; Palanthrene Brilliant Blue R; Palanthrene Printing Blue KRS; Paradone Blue RS; Paradone Brilliant Blue R; Paradone Printing Blue FRS; Pernithrene Blue RS; Pigment Anthraquinone Deep Blue; Pigment Blue 60; Pigment Blue Anthraquinone; Pigment Blue Anthraquinone V; Pigment Deep Blue Anthraquinone; Polymon Blue 3R; Ponsol Blue GZ; Ponsol Blue RCL; Ponsol Blue RPC; Ponsol Brilliant Blue R; Ponsol RP; Romanthrene Blue FRS; Romantrene Blue FRS; Romantrene Blue GGSL; Romantrene Blue RSZ; Romantrene Brilliant Blue FR; Romantrene Brilliant Blue R; Sandothrene Blue NRSC; Sandothrene Blue NRSN; Sanyo Threne Blue IRN; Schultz No. 1228; Solanthrene Blue RS; Solanthrene Blue RSN; Solanthrene R for Sugar; Symuler Fast Blue 6011; Tinon Blue RS; Tinon Blue RSN; Tyrian Blue I-RSN; Tyrian Brilliant Blue I-R; Vat Blue 4; Vat Blue O; Vat Blue OD; Vat Fast Blue R; Versal Blue GGSL; Vulcafix Fast Blue SD; Vulcafor Fast Blue 3R; Vulcanosine Fast Blue GG; Vulcol Fast Blue S; Vynamon Blue 3R; [ChemIDplus]
Anthraquinone Dyes
Blue solid; [Merck Index]
Used to dye unmordanted cotton and as pigment in quality paints and enamels; Indanthrene Blues used in automotive paints, plastics, rubber, and printing inks; [HSDB]
Anthraquinones are toxic by ingestion: vomiting, diarrhea, kidney and liver damage, and coma; Deaths have been reported after children ingested Rhamnus berries; [HSDB] May cause irritation; [MSDSonline]
Biomedical References

Adverse Effects

Hepatoxic (a) from occupational exposure (secondary effect) or (b) in animal studies or in humans after ingestion

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