C.I. Pigment Red 23

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C.I. Pigment Red 23
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C.I. Pigment Red 23 formula graphical representation
1-(2-Methoxy-5-nitrophenylazo)-2-hydroxy-3-(3-nitrophenylcarbamoyl)naphthalene; 2-Naphthanilide, 3-hydroxy-4-((2-methoxy-5-nitrophenyl)azo)-3'-nitro-; 2-Napthalenecarboxamide, 3-hydroxy-4-((2-methoxy-5-nitrophenyl)azo)-N-(3-nitrophenyl)-; 3-Hydroxy-4-((2-methoxy-5-nitrophenyl)azo)-3'-nitro-2-naphthanilide; Alkali Resistant Red Dark; C.I. 12355; C.I. Pigment Red 157; CI 12355; CI Pigment Red 23; Calcotone Red 3B; Carnation Red Toner B; Congo Red R-138; Fenalac Red FKB Extra; Malta Red X 2284; Naphthol Red B; Naphthol Red B 20-7575; Naphthol Red D Toner 35-6001; Naphthol Red Deep 10459; Pigment Red 23; Pigment Red BH; Rubescence Red MT-21; Sanyo Fast Red 10B; Sapona Red Lake RL-6280; Segnale Light Rubine RG; Textile Red WD-263; [ChemIDplus]
Azo Dyes
Red to bluish-red solid; [CAMEO] Bluish-red finely divided dry powder; [MSDSonline]
Used in paints, inks, plastics, rubber, textile printing, printing inks, linoleum, alkyd resin enamels, lacquers, emulsion paints, and paper; [HSDB]
In 2 year high-dose feeding study of mice and rats: equivocal evidence of cancer effect (marginally increased renal tubule cell neoplasms); [HSDB] May cause irritation, anemia, and possibly liver injury; Can be absorbed through skin; [CAMEO] Organic pigments are generally considered practically non-toxic. Reported oral LD50 > 5,000 mg/kg in rats; [MSDSonline]
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