C.I. Pigment Yellow 12

Agent Name
C.I. Pigment Yellow 12
CAS Number
Major Category
C.I. Pigment Yellow 12 formula graphical representation
2,2'-((3,3'-Dichloro(1,1'-biphenyl)-4,4'-diyl)-bis(azo))bis(3-oxo-N-phenyl)-butanamide; Acetoacetanilide, 2,2'-((3,3'-dichloro-4,4'-biphenylene)diazo)bis-; Amazon Yellow X2485; Benzidene Yellow; Benzidene Yellow ABZ-245; Benzidene Yellow WD-266 (Water Dispersible); Benzidene Yellow YB-1; Benzidine Lacquer Yellow G; Benzidine Yellow; Benzidine Yellow 1178; Benzidine Yellow 45-2650; Benzidine Yellow 45-2680; Benzidine Yellow 45-2685; Benzidine Yellow ABZ-245; Benzidine Yellow E; Benzidine Yellow G; Benzidine Yellow GF; Benzidine Yellow GR; Benzidine Yellow GT; Benzidine Yellow GTR; Benzidine Yellow HG; Benzidine Yellow HG PLV; Benzidine Yellow Toner; Benzidine Yellow Toner YA-8081; Benzidine Yellow Toner YT-378; Benzidine Yellow WD-266 (water dispersible); Benzidine Yellow YB 5722; Benzidine Yellow YB-1; Bis(acetyl-N-phenylcarbamylmethyl)-4,4'-disazo-3,3'-dichlorobiphenyl; Brilliant Yellow Slurry; Butanamide, 2,2'-((3,3'-dichloro(1,1'-biphenyl)-4,4'-diyl)bis(azo))bis(3-oxo-N-phenyl-; C.I. 21090; Carnelio Yellow GX; Dainichi Benzidine Yellow G; Dainichi Benzidine Yellow GRT; Dainichi Benzidine Yellow GT; Dainichi Benzidine Yellow GY; Dainichi Benzidine Yellow GYT; Daltolite Fast Yellow GT; Diarylanilide Yellow; Diarylide Yellow AAA; Diarylide Yellow YT 553D; Eljon Yellow BG; Graphtol Yellow A-HG; Hancock Yellow 10010; Helic Yellow GW; Helio Yellow GWN; Helioyellow GW; Irgalite Yellow BO; Irgalite Yellow BST; Irgalite Yellow BTR; Isol Benzidine Yellow G; Isol Benzidine Yellow G 2537; Isol Benzidine Yellow G Special; Isol Benzidine Yellow Gapropyl; Isol Benzidine Yellow Gbpropyl; Kromon Yellow GXT Conc; Kromon Yellow MTB; Light Yellow JB; Light Yellow JBO; Light Yellow JBT; Lodestone Yellow YB-57; Monolite GT; Monolite Yellow 2GRA; Monolite Yellow GRA; Monolite Yellow GT; Monolite Yellow GTA; Monolite Yellow GTN; Monolite Yellow GTNA; Monolite Yellow GTS; No. 49 Conc. Benzidine Yellow; Permanent Yellow DHG; Permanent Yellow GHG; Pigment Yellow 12; Pigment Yellow GT; Rangoon Yellow; Recolite Yellow BG; Recolite Yellow BGT; Sanyo Benzidine Yellow-B; Segnale Light Yellow 2 GR; Segnale Light Yellow 2GR; Segnale Light Yellow 2GRT; Segnale Yellow HG; Seikafast Yellow 2300; Siliton Yellow 3GX; Siliton Yellow GTX; Siloton Yellow 3GX; Siloton Yellow GTX; Sumikarrint Yellow 3A-0; Symuler Fast Yellow 219; Symuler Fast Yellow 224; Symuler Fast Yellow 4078; Symuler Fast Yellow GF; Verona Yellow X-1791; Vulcafor Fast Yellow GT; Vulcafor Fast Yellow GTA; Vulcol Fast Yellow GR; Yellow 205; Yellow No. 205 (Japan); Zlut pigment 12 [Czech]; [ChemIDplus]
Benzidine Dyes
Yellow odorless solid; [CAMEO] Yellow powder; [MSDSonline]
Used in printing inks, lacquers, inks for wrappers, tinplate printing, wallpaper, rubber, PVC, other polymers, paper coloring, textile printing, and linoleum; [HSDB]
No intoxication in rodents during high-dose oral study (>630 mg/kg/day); [HSDB] High-dose feeding studies of mice and rats for 78 weeks: no evidence of increased cancer; [NTP] A mild eye irritant; [MSDSonline] See "Benzidine."
Biomedical References

Exposure Assessment

0.3 mg/m3, respiratory fraction

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