C.I. Pigment Yellow 34

Agent Name
C.I. Pigment Yellow 34
Alternative Name
Chromium orange
CAS Number
Major Category
Chromium orange; C 103; C.I. 77600; C.I. 77603; C.P. Chrome Yellow Light 1066; C.P. Chrome Yellow Light 1074; C.P. Chrome Yellow Medium 1074; C.P. Chrome Yellow Medium 1085; C.P. Chrome Yellow Medium 1298; CI 77600; CI 77603; CP Chrome Yellow Light 1066; CP Chrome Yellow Light 1074; CP Chrome Yellow Medium 1074; CP Chrome Yellow Medium 1085; CP Chrome Yellow Medium 1298; Chromastral Green HM; Chromastral Green M; Chromastral Green Y; Chrome Fast Green C.P.; Chrome Fast Green CP; Chrome Orange; Chrome Yellow; Chrome Yellow 10G; Chrome Yellow 4G; Chrome Yellow 4GL Light; Chrome Yellow 5G; Chrome Yellow 5GF; Chrome Yellow 62 E; Chrome Yellow 6GL Primrose; Chrome Yellow A 241; Chrome Yellow G; Chrome Yellow GL Medium; Chrome Yellow LF AA; Chrome Yellow Lemon; Chrome Yellow Light; Chrome Yellow Light Y 434D; Chrome Yellow Medium; Chrome Yellow Medium Y 469D; Chrome Yellow Middle; Chrome Yellow NEO 5GS; Chrome Yellow Pigment GMN 35; Chrome Yellow Primrose; Chromium Yellow; Dainichi Chrome Yellow 10G; Dainichi Chrome Yellow 5G; KZh 2; KZh 3; Krolor Yellow KY 788D; Lead Sulfochromate Yellow; Lemon Chrome A 3G; Lemon Chrome C 4G; Light chrome yellow; Middle Chrome; Middle Chrome BHG; Primrose Chrome; Primrose yellow; Pure Lemon Chrome 24882; Pure Lemon Chrome 3GN; Pure Lemon Chrome HL 3G; Pure Lemon Chrome L 3G; Pure Lemon Chrome L 3GS; Pure Middle Chrome 24883; Pure Middle Chrome LG; Pure Primrose Chrome 24880; Pure Primrose Chrome 24881; Pure Primrose Chrome L 10G; Pure Primrose Chrome L 6G; Pure Primrose Chrome Y 2G; Pure Primrose Chrome Y 2RS; Renol Chrome Yellow Y 2G; Renol Chrome Yellow Y 2RS; Supra Lemon Chrome 4G; Supra Lemon Chrome H 4G; Supra Middle Chrome G; Supra Primrose Chrome 6G; Vynamon Yellow 6GN; Vynamon Yellow CRN; Chromium orange; [ChemIDplus]
Lead Compounds, Inorganic
Solid; Insoluble in water at 20 deg C; [IUCLID] Yellow odorless powder; [MSDSonline]
Used as pigment in paints, printing inks, vinyl, cellulose acetate plastics, textile printing, leather finishes, linoleum, paper, and artists’ colors; [HSDB]
A pigment that contains lead and chromate; [HSDB]
Biomedical References

Exposure Assessment

Lead in blood=30 ug/100 ml; sampling time not critical;
0.05 mg/m3, as Pb
0.05 mg/m3, as Pb
100 mg/m3, as Pb

Adverse Effects

Predominantly motor
Hepatoxic (a) from occupational exposure (secondary effect) or (b) in animal studies or in humans after ingestion
Reproductive Toxin

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