Vat Yellow 4

Agent Name
Vat Yellow 4
Alternative Name
C.I. Vat Yellow 4
CAS Number
Major Category
Vat Yellow 4 formula graphical representation
C.I. Vat Yellow 4; 1',2',6',7'-Dibenzpyrene-7,14-quinone; 1,2,6,7-Dibenpyrene-7,14-quinone; 2,3,7,8-Dibenzopyrene-1,6-quinone; 3,4:8,9-Dibenzopyrene-5,10-dione; Ahcovat Printing Golden Yellow; Ahcovat Printing Golden Yellow GK; Amanthrene Golden Yellow; Amanthrene Golden Yellow GK; Anthravat Golden Yellow; Anthravat Golden Yellow GK; Arlanthrene Golden Yellow; Arlanthrene Golden Yellow GK; Benzadone Gold Yellow GK; Benzadone Golden Yellow; C.I. 59100; C.I. Vat Yellow; C.I. Vat Yellow 4; CI 59100; CI Vat Yellow 4; Calcoloid Golden Yellow; Calcoloid Golden Yellow GKWP; Caledon Golden Yellow; Caledon Golden Yellow GK; Caledon Printing Yellow; Caledon Printing Yellow GK; Carbanthrene Golden Yellow; Carbanthrene Golden Yellow GK; Cibanone Golden Yellow; Cibanone Golden Yellow FGK; Cibanone Golden Yellow GK; Dibenzo(B,def)chrysene-7,14-dione; Dibenzo(a,b)pyrene-7,14-dione; Dibenzpyrenequinone; Fenanthren Golden Yellow GK; Golden Yellow; Golden Yellow ZhKh; Helanthrene Yellow; Helanthrene Yellow GOK; Hostavat Golden Yellow; Hostavat Golden Yellow GK; Indanthren Golden Yellow; Indanthren Golden Yellow GK; Indanthren Printing Yellow; Indanthren Printing Yellow GOK; Indanthrene Gold Yellow GK; Indanthrene Golden Yellow; Indanthrene Golden Yellow GK; Leucosol Golden Yellow; Leucosol Golden Yellow GK; Mayvat Golden Yellow; Mayvat Golden Yellow GK; Mikethrene Gold Yellow; Mikethrene Gold Yellow GK; Nihonthrene Golden Yellow; Nihonthrene Golden Yellow GK; Nyanthrene Golden Yellow; Nyanthrene Golden Yellow GK; Palanthrene Golden Yellow; Palanthrene Golden Yellow GK; Paradone Golden Yellow; Paradone Golden Yellow GK; Pharmanthrene Golden Yellow; Pharmanthrene Golden Yellow GK; Romantrene Golden Yellow; Romantrene Golden Yellow FGK; Romantrene Golden Yellow GOK; Sandothrene Golden Yellow; Sandothrene Golden Yellow NGK; Sandothrene Printing Yellow; Sandothrene Printing Yellow NH; Solanthrene Brilliant Yellow; Solanthrene Brilliant Yellow J; Tinon Golden Yellow; Tinon Golden Yellow GK; Tyrian Yellow I-GOK; Tyrion Yellow; Vat Golden Yellow; Vat Golden Yellow ZhKh; Vat Golden Yellow ZhKhD; Vat Yellow ZhKh; Yellow (Dye); Yellow GK base; [ChemIDplus]
Anthraquinone Dyes
Orange liquid; [CAMEO]
Used as a dye for cotton, silk, wool, and paper; [HSDB]
Anthraquinones are toxic by ingestion: vomiting, diarrhea, kidney and liver damage, and coma; Deaths have been reported after children ingested Rhamnus berries; [HSDB]
Biomedical References

Exposure Assessment

Vapor Pressure
8.34E-12 mm Hg
Explanatory Notes
Flash Point > 93 deg C; [CAMEO]

Adverse Effects

Hepatoxic (a) from occupational exposure (secondary effect) or (b) in animal studies or in humans after ingestion
IARC Carcinogen
Not classifiable

Diseases, Processes, and Activities Linked to This Agent


Industrial Processes with risk of exposure: