Cinquasia Red

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Cinquasia Red
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Cinquasia Red formula graphical representation
CI 73900; Linear quinacridone; Pigment violet 19; 5,12-Dihydroquino(2,3-b)acridine-7,14-dione; C.I. 46500; C.I. Pigment Violet 19; CI 46500; CI Pigment Red 122; CI Pigment Violet 19; Cinquasia B-RT 796D; Cinquasia Red B; Cinquasia Red Y; Cinquasia Red Y-RT 759D; Cinquasia Violet; Cinquasia Violet R; Cinquasia Violet R-RT 791D; Dark violet; E 3B Red; Fastogen Super Red BN; Fastogen Super Red YE; Hostaperm Red E 3B; Hostaperm Red E 5B; Hostaperm Red Violet ER; Hostaperm Red Violet ER 02; Hostapern Red Violet ER; Linear trans quinacridone; Monastral Red; Monastral Red B; Monastral Red Y; Monastral Violet 4R; Monastral Violet R; Monastrol Red Y; PV Fast Red E 3B; PV Fast Red E 5B; PV-Fast Red E3B; PV-Fast Red E5B; Paliogen Red BG; Permanent Magenta; Permanent Red E 3B; Permanent Red E 5B; Pigment Pink Quinacridone S; Pigment Quinacridone Red; Pigment Violet 19; Pigment Violet Quinacridone; Quinacridone; Quinacridone Red; Quinacridone Red MC; Quinacridone Violet; Quinacridone Violet MC; Quino(2,3-b)acridine-7,14-dione, 5,12-dihydro-; Red E 3B; Sunfast Red 19; Sunfast Violet; [ChemIDplus]
Acridine Dyes
Red to violet solid; Bluish or yellowish tint depending of form; [HSDB] Red odorless powder; [MSDSonline]
Used as pigment (paints, printing inks, plastics, rubber, alkyd resin enamels, textile emulsion inks, textiles, nitrocellulose, vinyl, and acrylic lacquers) and sensitizing dye in color photo electrophoresis; Used to tone and make other pigments; [HSDB]
Skin reactions have been reported: inflammation in a tattoo after sun exposure and acne-like changes on the face of a child colored with a red felt-tip pen; Also acne-like reaction on the skin of rabbits after coloring with red felt-tip pen; [HSDB] No known adverse effects on human health; Not an irritant; Not a sensitizer; [MSDSonline] See "Acridine."
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PICD (photoirritant contact dermatitis)

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