Dicumyl peroxide

Agent Name
Dicumyl peroxide
CAS Number
Major Category
Plastics & Rubber
Dicumyl peroxide formula graphical representation
Active dicumyl peroxide; Bis(1-methyl-1-phenylethyl) peroxide; Bis(2-phenyl-2-propyl) peroxide; Bis(alpha,alpha-dimethylbenzyl) peroxide; Bis(alpha,alpha-dimethylbenzyl)peroxide; Cumene peroxide; Cumyl peroxide; Di-Cup; Di-Cup 40 KE; Di-Cup 40C; Di-Cup 40HAF; Di-Cup 40KE; Di-Cup R; Di-Cup T; Di-CupR; DiCup 40KE; Dicumene hydroperoxide; Dicumenyl peroxide; DiCup 40; Diisopropylbenzene peroxide; Isopropylbenzene peroxide; Kayacumyl D; Luperco; Luperco 500-40C; Luperco 500-40KE; Luperox; Luperox 500; Luperox 500R; Luperox 500T; Lupersol 500; Percumyl D; Percumyl D 40; Perkadox 96; Perkadox B; Perkadox BC; Perkadox BC 40; Perkadox BC 9; Perkadox BC 95; Perkadox SB; Peroxide, bis(1-methyl-1-phenylethyl); Peroxide, bis(alpha,alpha-dimethylbenzyl); Samperox DCP; Varox DCP-R; Varox DCP-T; alpha,alpha-Dimethylbenzyl peroxide; [ChemIDplus] UN3110
Curing Agents (Aromatic)
White to yellow solid; mp = 39 deg C; [ICSC] Fine faintly beige crystals; [MSDSonline]
Used as vulcanizing agent for rubber, a crosslinking agent for polyethylene, a synergist for flame retardants in polystyrene foams, and a curing agent for silicone rubber; [HSDB]
Causes somnolence in lethal-dose feeding studies of rats; Causes methemoglobinemia in subcutaneous injections of cats and rats; [RTECS] A strong oxidizer; May ignite on contact with organic substances; [Hawley] A skin, eye, and respiratory tract irritant; [ICSC] A skin, eye, and mucous membrane irritant; Increased methemoglobinemia in rats after 4 month feeding studies; [HSDB] A strong oxidizing agent; Explosive; [CAMEO] An irritant; [MSDSonline]
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Exposure Assessment

Explanatory Notes
The Guide in the Emergency Response Guidebook is for "Organic peroxide type F, solid." VP = 15.4 mm Hg at 38 deg C; [MSDSonline]

Adverse Effects

MetHgb is secondary toxic effect

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