Glycerol monooleate

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Glycerol monooleate
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Glycerol monooleate formula graphical representation
1,2,3-Propanetriol mono((Z)-9-octadecenoate); 9-Octadecenoic acid (Z)-, monoester with 1,2,3-propanetriol; AJAX GMO; Adchem GMO; Aldo 40; Aldo MO-FG; Alkamuls GMO 45LG; Arlacel 129; Atmer 1007; Canamex Glicepol 182; Dimodan GMO 90; Dimodan LSQK; Dur-Em 114; Dur-Em 204; Edenor GMO; Emalsy MO; Emalsy OL; Emasol MO 50; Emcol O; Emerest 2400; Emerest 2421; Emery oleic acid ester 2221; Emrite 6009; Emuldan RYLO-MG 90; Excel O 95F; Excel O 95N; Excel O 95R; GMO 8903; Glycerin monooleate; Glycerine monooleate; Glycerol 1-monooleate; Glycerol oleate; Glycerol, 1-mono (9-octa-decenoate); Glyceryl monooleate; Glyceryl oleate; Glycolube 100; Harowax L 9; Kemester 2000; Kessco GMO; Loxiol G 10; Mazol GMO; Monoglyceryl oleate; Monomuls 90018; Monoolein; Monooleoylglycerol; Nikkol MGO; OL 100; Oleic acid glycerol monoester; Oleic acid monoglyceride; Oleic monoglyceride; Olein, mono-; Oleoylglycerol; Oleylmonoglyceride; Olicine; Peceol; Rikemal O 71D; Rikemal OL 100; S 1096; S 1096R; S 1097; Sinnoester OGC; Sunsoft O 30B; Supeol; [ChemIDplus]
Clear amber or pale yellow liquid; [Hawley] Yellow liquid or soft solid with a sweet odor; mp = 25 deg C (unstable); [HSDB] Solid; mp = 35.5 deg C; Opaque liquid; mp = 20 deg C; [MSDSonline]
Used in foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, rust-preventive oils, vinyl light stabilizers, odorless base paints, textile finishing, and flavoring; Used as emulsifier for liquid and paste waxes, polishes, and cleaners; [Hawley]
May cause mild irritation; [MSDSonline]
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