Calcium polysulfide

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Calcium polysulfide
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Calcium polysulfide formula graphical representation
Calcium polysulphide; Calcium polysulphide [ISO]; Eau grison; Lime sulfur; Lime sulphur; Lime-sulfur; Neviken; Orthorix; Polysulfure de calcium [ISO-French]; Sulka; Zolfosol 25; [ChemIDplus] Vleminckx's solution; [REPROTOX]
A solution made from lime, sulfur, and water containing calcium polysulfide, free sulfur, and calcium thiosulfate; [Hawley] Orange liquid with odor of rotten eggs; [ICSC] Deep red orange liquid; [MSDSonline]
Used as a direct fungicide on powdery mildews, anthracnose, scab, and other diseases on alfalfa, beans, clover, and fruit; to control scale insects and spider mite eggs on fruit trees; as acaricide in sheep dips; to precipitate mercury from alkali solutions; [HSDB] Used as a topical antiseptic and scabicide; [REPROTOX]
A skin, eye, and respiratory tract irritant; May effect cellular respiration causing convulsions and unconsciousness; [ICSC] A skin, eye, and respiratory tract irritant; [eChemPortal: ESIS] In human poisoning cases at doses >562-891 mg/kg, caused muscle weakness, metabolic acidosis, and coma; [RTECS] In human poisoning cases, caused burns to the upper GI tract, liver and kidney injury, metabolic acidosis, and coma; [HSDB] An irritant; May cause burns or permanent damage to skin and eyes; [MSDSonline]
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Exposure Assessment

Lethal Concentration
LC50 (rat) = 3,900 mg/m3/4h

Adverse Effects

Hepatoxic (a) from occupational exposure (secondary effect) or (b) in animal studies or in humans after ingestion

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