Malic acid

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Malic acid
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Malic acid formula graphical representation
(+-)-Hydroxysuccinic acid; (+-)-Malic acid; 2-Hydroxyethane-1,2-dicarboxylic acid; alpha-Hydroxysuccinic acid; Deoxytetraric acid; DL-Malic acid; dl-Malic acid; Hydroxybutandisaeure; Hydroxybutanedioic acid; Hydroxybutanedioic acid, (+-)-; Hydroxysuccinic acid; Kyselina hydroxybutandiova [Czech]; Kyselina jablecna [Czech]; Malate; Malicum acidum; Monohydroxybernsteinsaeure; Musashi-no-Ringosan; Pomalus acid; R,S(+-)-Malic acid; Succinic acid, hydroxy-; Butanedioic acid, 2-hydroxy-; Butanedioic acid, hydroxy-; (+-)-1-Hydroxy-1,2-ethanedicarboxylic acid; Malic acid, dl-; [ChemIDplus] (+-)-2-Hydroxysuccinic acid; DL-Hydroxybutanedioic acid; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS]
Organic Acids
Colorless solid; [Hawley] Nearly white or white crystalline powder or granules; [JECFA]
Found in unripe apples and other fruit; [Hawley] Used to make wine, stucco (plaster), cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, dentifrices, and coumarin derivatives; Also used as a chelating agent, metal cleaner, electroplating chemical, acidulant, discoloration inhibitor, food flavor, and antioxidant for fats and oils; [HSDB] Naturally occurring biochemical that can be converted into citric acid in the citric acid cycle; [REPROTOX] Used as a preservative in animal feeds; [ExPub: EFSA - FEEDAP] Used as a flavoring agent and acidity regulator in food; [JECFA] Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA]
Irritating to skin and eyes; Emergency medical treatment: acids; [HSDB] No evidence of animal reproductive toxicity in unpublished reports; [REPROTOX] Daily consumption in fruits and vegetables estimated at 1.5 -3 grams; [JECFA] A severe eye and moderate skin irritant; [RTECS] An irritant; May cause serious eye injury; Harmful by ingestion; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS]
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2.93E-06 mm Hg

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