Tantalum, metal and tantalum oxide, dust

Agent Name
Tantalum, metal and tantalum oxide, dust
CAS Number
7440-25-7; 1314-61-0
Ta, O5-Ta2
Major Category
Tantalum metal; Tantalum-181; Tantalum compounds; [NIOSH] Tantalic acid anhydride; Tantalum penta oxide; Tantalum pentoxide; [ChemIDplus]
Metals, Inorganic Compounds
Metal: Steel-blue to gray solid or black, odorless powder; [NIOSH] A rare, lustrous, transition metal; [Wikipedia]
Rare element in earth's crust, about 0.003% for tantalum and niobium together; Obtained from the minerals columbite, tantalite, and microlite; Used to make capacitors, rectifiers, chemical-resistant and heat-resistant equipment, high-speed tools, dental and surgical implants, pen points, and parts for furnaces, aircraft, and nuclear reactors; [HSDB]
"A 10 yr study of tantalum gauze use in the repair of hernias revealed no effects from the gauze itself." Chemical workers and welders exposed to tantalum and niobium dust for 3-24 years at concentrations up to 120 mg/m3 had radiological evidence of pulmonary fibrosis. [HSDB]
Biomedical References

Exposure Assessment

Skin Designation (ACGIH)
Insufficient data
5 mg/m3, as Ta
4 mg/m3, inhalable fraction(metal)
2500 mg/m3, as Ta
Excerpts from Documentation for IDLHs
Basis for revised IDLH: No inhalation toxicity data are available on which to base an IDLH for tantalum metal and oxide dust.
Explanatory Notes
TLV withdrawn in 2010 due to insufficient data; [ACGIH]

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