Oleyl alcohol

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Oleyl alcohol
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Oleyl alcohol formula graphical representation
9-Octadecen-1-ol; (Z)-9-Octadecen-1-ol; Oleyl alcohol; Adol 320; Adol 330; Adol 34; Adol 340; Adol 80; Adol 85; Adol 90; Atalco O; Cachalot O-1; Cachalot O-15; Cachalot O-3; Cachalot O-8; Conditioner 1; Crodacol A.10; Crodacol-O; Dermaffine; H.D. eutanol; HD oleyl alcohol 70/75; HD oleyl alcohol 80/85; HD oleyl alcohol 90/95; HD oleyl alcohol CG; HD-Ocenol 90/95; HD-Ocenol K; Lancol; Loxanol 95; Loxanol M; Novol; Ocenol; Oceol; Octadecenol; Oleic alcohol; Oleo alcohol; Oleol; Oleoyl alcohol; Olive alcohol; Satol; Sipol O; Siponol OC; Unjecol 110; Unjecol 50; Unjecol 70; Unjecol 90; Witcohol 85; Witcohol 90; cis-9-Octadecen-1-ol; cis-9-Octadecenyl alcohol; [ChemIDplus]
Liquid (usually pale yellow); mp = 13-19 deg C; [Merck Index] Pale yellow liquid; [MSDSonline]
Present in fish oils; [Merck Index] Used to make its sulfuric esters (detergents and wetting agents) and in carbon paper, stencil paper, printing inks, and bath oils; Used as metal cutting lubricant, plasticizer, softener and lubricant for textiles, carrier for medicaments, thickener in hair colorants, solvent for fragrances, and emulsifying, opacifying, antifoam, and viscosity increasing agent; [HSDB]
May cause skin sensitization after prolonged contact, based on human patch test studies; [Reference #1] A skin irritant; [eChemPortal: ERMA] An irritant; [MSDSonline]
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Vapor Pressure
9.3E-05 mm Hg

Adverse Effects

Skin Sensitizer

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