2,4-Diaminoanisole sulfate

Agent Name
2,4-Diaminoanisole sulfate
CAS Number
Major Category
Nitrogen Compounds
2,4-Diaminoanisole sulfate formula graphical representation
1,3-Benzenediamine, 4-methoxy-, sulfate (1:1); 1,3-Diamino-4-methoxybenzene sulphate; 2,4-DAA sulfate; 2,4-Diamino-1-methoxybenzene sulphate; 2,4-Diamino-anisol sulphate; 2,4-Diaminoanisole sulphate; 4-Methoxy-1,3-benzenediamine sulfate; 4-Methoxy-1,3-benzenediamine sulfate (1:1); 4-Methoxy-1,3-benzenediamine sulphate; 4-Methoxy-m-phenylenediamine sulfate; 4-Methoxy-m-phenylenediamine sulphate; Anisole, 2,4-diamino-, hydrogen sulfate; Anisole, 2,4-diamino-, sulfate; BASF Ursol SLA; C.I. 76051; C.I. Oxidation Base 12A; CI 76051; CI Oxidation Base 12A; Durafur Brown MN; Fouramine BA; Fourrine 76; Fourrine SLA; Furro SLA; Nako TSA; Oxidation Base 12A; Pelagol BA; Pelagol Grey; Pelagol Grey SLA; Pelagol SLA; Renal SLA; Ursol SLA; Zoba SLE; p-Methoxy-m-phenylenediamine sulphate; [ChemIDplus]
Amines, Aromatic
Off-white to violet solid; [Merck Index] Brown-grey powder; [MSDSonline]
Used to make hair and fur dyes, as an intermediate for C.I. Basic Brown 2, and as a corrosion inhibitor for steel; [Merck Index] Used as a diagnostic reagent and as an oxidation base for dyeing furs; [HSDB]
Effects in high-dose animal studies include skin irritation, thyroid and liver changes, and teratogenic effects; [Merck Index] Carcinogenic in rats and mice; Emergency treatment: Methemoglobinemia; [HSDB] Causes thyroid hypofunction and changes in thyroid and liver weights in repeated-dose oral studies of rats; [RTECS] See "2,4-Diaminoanisole."
Biomedical References

Adverse Effects

Hepatoxic (a) from occupational exposure (secondary effect) or (b) in animal studies or in humans after ingestion
NTP Carcinogen
Anticipated human carcinogen

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