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Thiodiglycol formula graphical representation
2,2'-Thiobisethanol; 2,2'-Thiodiethanol; 2,2'-Thiodiglycol; Bis(2-hydroxyethyl) sulfide; Bis(2-hydroxyethyl) thioether; Bis(2-hydroxyethyl)sulfide; Bis(beta-hydroxyethyl) sulfide; Bis(beta-hydroxyethyl)sulfide; Di(2-hydroxyethyl) sulfide; Glyecine A; Kromfax solvent; Sulfide, bis(2-hydroxyethyl); Tedegyl; Thiodiethanol; Thiodiethylene glycol; Thiodiglycolum [INN-Latin]; Tiodiglicol [INN-Spanish]; Tiodiglicolo; Tiodiglicolo [DCIT]; beta,beta'-Dihydroxydiethyl sulfide; beta,beta'-Dihydroxyethyl sulfide; beta-Hydroxyethyl sulfide; Ethanol, 2,2'-thiobis-; Ethanol, 2,2'-thiodi-; [ChemIDplus]
Sulfur Compounds (Alcohols)
Colorless viscous liquid; [ICSC] Colorless to yellowish liquid with an unpleasant odor; [Reference #1] Colorless or pale yellow liquid with a stench; [Alfa Aesar MSDS]
A hydrolysis product of sulfur mustard (chemical weapon); Used as an intermediate for elastomers and antioxidants, a solvent for dyes in textile printing, to make ink for ball-point pens, and a precursor to mustard gas; Also used in the paint, lacquer, and varnish industry; in the polymers industry; and as a fixing agent, process regulator, and stabilizer; [HSDB] Used to make pulp, paper products, furniture, paints, pigments, dyestuffs, varnishes, coatings, and inks; Also used as a solvent for coloring paper, a softener for special rubbers, and possibly as an antioxidant in cosmetics; [OECD SIDS: Thiodiglycol - 2004]
A mild eye and respiratory tract irritant; [ICSC] Causes mild skin irritation and moderate eye irritation in experimental animals; Not sensitizing in guinea pig maximization test; No evidence of mutagenicity; Emergency treatment: "Glycols"; [HSDB] An eye irritant; [eChemPortal: ESIS] A mild skin and moderate eye irritant; Causes diffuse hepatitis and other GI and endocrine changes in subcutaneous lethal-dose study of mice; [RTECS] An eye irritant; [Alfa Aesar MSDS]
Manufacture and export strictly controlled under the International Chemical Weapons Convention (can be used to make sulfur mustard); [OECD SIDS: Thiodiglycol - 2004]
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Exposure Assessment

Vapor Pressure
0.00323 mm Hg
Explanatory Notes
VP from ChemIDplus;
must be preheated

Adverse Effects

Hepatoxic (a) from occupational exposure (secondary effect) or (b) in animal studies or in humans after ingestion

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