Naphthenic acid

Agent Name
Naphthenic acid
CAS Number
Major Category
Other Classes
Acide naphtenique [ISO-French]; Agenap; Carboxylic acids, naphthenic; Naphid; Sunaptic acid B; Sunaptic acid C; Naphthenic acids; Naphthenic acids, liquid; Naphthenic acids, solid; [ChemIDplus] UN3082
Other Organic Compounds
Light yellow to black liquid; [ICSC] Commercial grade: dark liquid with an unpleasant odor; [Hawley]
A mixture of saturated fatty acids extracted from petroleum and used to make metallic naphthenates; [Hawley] Used to make succinic acid, organic peroxides, corrosion inhibitors, and metal naphthenates (used as lubricants, driers, catalysts, fungicides, and emulsifiers); [HSDB] A mixture of cyclopentyl and cyclohexyl carboxylic acids with 9-20 carbons per molecule; Present in crude oil, naphthenic acids cause corrosion problems in oil refineries; [Wikipedia]
A skin and eye irritant; May cause liver and CNS injury; [ICSC] A moderate skin and eye irritant; [HSDB] A skin and eye irritant; [eChemPortal: ERMA] An irritant; [MSDSonline]
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Exposure Assessment

Explanatory Notes
The Guide in the Emergency Response Guidebook is for "Environmentally hazardous substances, liquid, n.o.s."

Adverse Effects

Other CNS neurotoxin
Hepatoxic (a) from occupational exposure (secondary effect) or (b) in animal studies or in humans after ingestion

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