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Plastics & Rubber
Polypropylene formula graphical representation
1-Propene homopolymer; 413S; A-Fax; AMCO; AT 36; Admer PB 02; Amerfil; Amoco 1010; Ampol C 60; Atactic polypropylene; Avisun; Avisun 101; Avisun 12-270A; Avisun 12-407A; Azdel; Beamette; Bicolene P; CD 419; CPP 25S; Carlona K 571; Carlona KM 61; Carlona P; Carlona PM 61 naturel; Carlona PPLZ 074; Celgard 2400W; Celgard 2500; Celgard 3501; Celgard KKX 2; Chisso 507B; Chisso polypro 1014; Clysar; Coathylene PF 0548; Courlene PY; D 151; DLP; DS 8620; Daplen AD; Daplen APP; Daplen AS 50; Daplen AT 10; Daplen ATK 92; Daplen DM 55U; Dexon E 117; EL Rexene PP 115; EM 490; Eastobond L 8080-270A; Eastobond M 3; Eastobond M 5; Eastobond M 5H; Elpon; Enjay CD 392; Enjay CD 460; Enjay CD 490; Enjay E 117; Enjay E 11S; Epolene M 5H; Epolene M 5K; Epolene M 5W; Escon 622; Escon CD 44A; Escon EX 375; F 080PP; GPCD 398; Gerfil; HF 20; HO 50; HULS P 6500; Hercoflat 135; Hercotuf 110A; Hercotuf PB 681; Hercules 6523; Herculon; Hostalen N 1060; Hostalen PP; Hostalen PP-U; Hostalen PPH 1050; Hostalen PPN; Hostalen PPN 1060; Hostalen PPN 1075 F; Hostalen PPN 1076 F; Hostalen PPR 1042; Hostalen PPT VP 7090A; ICI 543; Isotactic polypropylene; J 400; J 700; JGD 1800; JMD 4500; K 300; LYM 42; Lambeth; Lanco Wax PP 1362D; Lupareen; MFR 4; MH 4; MM2A; Marlex 9400; Marlex HGH 050-01; Maurylene; Meraklon; Mitsui polypro B 220; Moplen; Moplen AD 50N; Moplen AD 5ON; Moplen AS 50; Moplen Q 51C; Moplen T 30G; Mosten; Nablen S 50; Noblen; Noblen 2VH501; Noblen BC 8; Noblen D 101; Noblen D 501; Noblen EBG; Noblen FA 3; Noblen FL; Noblen FL 4; Noblen FP; Noblen FS 101; Noblen FS 2011; Noblen H; Noblen H 101; Noblen H 501; Noblen HS; Noblen JHHG; Noblen JK-M; Noblen MA 4; Noblen MH 6; Noblen MM 2A; Noblen S 101; Noblen SHG; Noblen W 101; Noblen W 501; Noblen W 502; Noblen WF 464; Noplen FL 6314; Novamont 2030; Novolen; Novolen 1300ZX; Novolen KR 1300P; Oletac 100; P 6500; Paisley 750; Paisley polymer; Pellon 2505; Pellon 2506; Pellon FT 2140; Polypropene; W 101; [ChemIDplus]
Translucent white solid; [HSDB]
Polypropylene is available as molding powder, extruded sheet, cast film, textile staple, and continuous filament yarn. Manufactured products include packaging film, wire and cable coatings, food containers, plastic pipe, wearing apparel, and reinforced plastics; also molded parts for automobiles, appliances, and housewares. [Hawley]
An operator developed occupational asthma to heated polypropylene after working at a plant producing polypropylene bags. [Reference #1]
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