Chrome Rutile Yellow

Agent Name
Chrome Rutile Yellow
CAS Number
Major Category
C.I. Pigment Brown 24; Chrome antimony titanium buff rutile; [ChemIDplus] Chrome Antimony Titanate; Chrome antimony titaniumoxide rutil; C.I. 77310; Titanium, Antimony, Chromium III oxide rutile; [eChemPortal: SIDSUNEP]
Chromium Compounds, Inorganic
Solid; [eChemPortal: SIDSUNEP]
Used for coloring plastics, ceramics, building materials, and coatings; [eChemPortal: SIDSUNEP] Listed as a ceramic colorant with the name "Chrome antimony titanium buff rutile" and the formula (Ti, Cr, Sb)O2; Composition is approximately (Ti0.90Sb0.05Cr0.05)O2 with a color of light to medium ocher (buff); [Ullmann]
"Mixed phase dye based on titanium dioxide (rutile) where chromium & antimony ions partially replace titanium ions in the lattice. TSCA Definition 2008: An inorganic pigment that is the reaction product of high temperature calcination in which titanium (IV) oxide, chromium (III) oxide and antimony oxide in varying amounts are homogeneously and ionically interdiffused to form a crystalline matrix of rutile. Its composition may include any one or a combination of the modifiers Al2O3, MnO, NiO, WO3, or ZnO. This substance is identified in the COLOUR INDEX by Colour Index Constitution Number, C.I. 77310." [ChemIDplus] See Cr(III) compounds in "Chromium."
Biomedical References

Exposure Assessment

0.003 mg/m3, as Cr(III), inhalable particulate matter (0.5 mg/m3, as Sb)
0.5 mg/m3, as Cr (0.5 mg/m3, as Sb)
Explanatory Notes
Soluble Cr(III) compounds are assigned RSEN and DSEN; "Trivalent chromium compounds--with the exception of chromium(III) acetate, chromium(III) chloride hexahydrate, and chromium(III) nitrate--are insoluble or poorly soluble in water . . ." [ACGIH]

Adverse Effects

IARC Carcinogen
Not classifiable
ACGIH Carcinogen
Not Classifiable

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